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Data Management Plans

What Is A Data Management Plan (DMP)?

  • A document that describes what data will be collected or generated and how they will be handled during or after the project.
  • Many funding agencies require a DMP to be included in grant proposals.

Some common components in a DMP include:

  • Types of data produced or collected
  • Metadata formats and content
  • Access, sharing and re-use policies
  • Archiving and management plan
  • Confidentiality and intellectual property

Examples Of DMPs, Guidance & Templates

Data Management Plan Tools

dmptool– Provides researchers with guidance, links to resources and help with writing DMPs. Users can create an account to use the tool.

dmponline– From the UK Digital Curation Centre (DCC) help researchers to write DMPs. Users need to sign up to get an account. They have also prepared a checklist outlining what researchers may want to cover when writing a DMP.


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last modified 27 July 2016