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February 2019

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Issue No. 111
February 2019

4th Library E-Discovery Week

E-Discovery Week will run from February 25 to March 1. Learn, Search, and Win has been our motto since the first E-Discovery Week in 2013.  The goal of the event is to spark users’ interest in the Library’s quality electronic resources in a funfilled interactive way. Visit the exhibition booths at the G/F entrance area on Feb. 27‑28. Hands-on workshops will also be held during the week by local and overseas trainers. Look for our promotional emails and banners for details. All HKUST staff and students are invited to take part.

E-Discovery Week 2019

We have 15 great prizes including a Microsoft Surface Pro, an iPAD Mini, an Apple Watch, and Eslite vouchers. How to maximize your chance to earn them? There are two ways: 1) Take our E-Discovery Challenge, which is a quiz distributed in the exhibition area on Feb. 27‑28. Complete the quiz, verify your answers at the booths, and submit. Or 2) Join any of our workshops and complete a short quiz at the end of the session.

You should take both the E-Discovery Challenge and ALL workshop quizzes, if you have time. You can enter a Grand Lucky Draw if your answers are all correct. With so much in store, who will miss this wonderful chance to Learn, Search, and Win?

Storytelling in Movie Soundtracks

Come and check out Infinity War, Interstellar, and Avatar as you have never seen and heard them before!

What might the opening of an Infinity War sequel look like – since everyone is dead already? What would Infinity War have looked like if Nintendo had made the movie instead of Marvel Comics? What would Interstellar feel like from the abandoned daughter’s perspective while her father goes on an intergalactic adventure to save mankind? Is there any truth to the legend of the HKUST sea monster? Find out! See exotic alien belly dances, the magical luminescent forests of Avatar reimagined, and explore the love, legends, and heartbreak of HKUST!

Prof Andrew Horner

In the third My Favorite Lectures @ HKUST, Prof. Andrew Horner will show you how to make your own movie trailer by re-cutting videos with your favorite music. You will also learn how to mashup two pieces of music to make some exciting and even better new music.

Prof. Horner researches music emotion, sound color, and music analysis/ synthesis in the Computer Science & Engineering Department. He teaches experiential courses in computer music and creative sound design. His training is very interdisciplinary with a bachelor’s degree in music performance and music technology before a PhD in Computer Science. He received HKUST’s Michael G. Gale Medal for Distinguished Teaching and several School of Engineering Teaching
Excellence Appreciation Awards.

Join us on February 12, 2019 (Tue), 12:00‑13:30, in the Library’s LG4 Multi-function Room.

In April Prof. Garvin Percy Dias, Department of ISOM, will deliver the next lecture. His research interests include IS Auditing, Computer Network Management, and Group Decision Support Systems.

My Favorite Lectures @ HKUST is a series highlighting students’ favorite lectures conducted by their favorite teachers. All speakers in the series are medalists for the Michael G. Gale Medal for Distinguished Teaching or other prestigious teaching awards. The lectures will be compiled into an open online course (MOOC), in which these passionate and inspiring speakers share their teaching philosophy illustrated in the lectures.

Research Bridge : Connecting HKUST Researchers

Research is hard work for sure. The intellectual effort is no doubt daunting, but there are also various housekeeping chores that require researchers’ attention and time. For example, applying for research grants, finding literature and data, tracking progress with collaborators, choosing journals and publishers to submit works, and much more. While the Library cannot actually do this for you, we can support your research effort in a number of ways.

Research Bridge

In January we rolled out the blog for HKUST researchers: Research Bridge (http://library.ust. hk/sc/). Here we regularly post news and tips on different dimensions of research work, such as new search engines for scholarly work; tools for data access, analysis, and management; scholars’ social media and profiling sites; open access and digital publishing; research impact metrics; funders’ expectations and policies. In addition, we use this platform to showcase HKUST researchers and their research and achievements. If you have a new book coming, or want to share your research projects and ideas, do write to us!

This blog is run by the Research Support Services team in the Library. We target having new posts weekly – and we welcome guest contributors from the HKUST community. Visit Research Bridge (, follow us by entering your email in the subscription box on the site, or simply email to To tell us what you think, email Gabi ( or Kevin ( See you on the Bridge!

Database Spotlight

With the recent joint effort of ITSC, SBM, ISOM, SENG and the Library, HKUST faculty, students and staff have seamless access to Gartner’s Core IT Research. This web portal provides in-depth, impartial research and opinions from IT industry analysts regarding tech-related market intelligence data, business information, and research reports.

In addition to 110,000 research documents across 1,200 topics covering all aspects of technology and telecommunications, Gartner Research has two proprietary tools :

Magic Quadrant (MQ) : A series of market research publications produced by Gartner Inc. These reports provide users an evaluation matrix to analyze the positioning of technology players within a specific sector; and to benchmark these players with a uniform set of criteria.

Gartner Hype Cycles : Offering a graphic representation of the maturity and adoption of technologies, and how they are solving real business problems and exploiting new opportunities.

My Gartner

How does Gartner benefit the HKUST community?
• Faculty can bring timely, objective real-world examples and content regarding technology into the classroom, enriching student learning experiences.
• Students can use Gartner resources for papers, presentations, and research on any complex IT issues, emerging technologies, and market trends.
• Administrators and staff have access to IT trends in higher education, which helps with institutional planning, risk management, and compliance as well as software evaluation.

Try it via the Catalog, or the Databases list on the Library website. Any questions? Email or call ext. 6760, or WhatsApp us at 9701-1055.

Single Counter Service Integration

Years ago, the counter for borrowing course reserve materials was combined to the Circulation Counter to enhance the service provision. Due to organizational changes, the counter for checking out media resources merged to the Circulation Counter in November to provide a one-stop-shop service point for library users.

The Circulation Counter now handles check-ins and check-outs of all kinds of library materials, not just reserved books, circulation books, and Kindles. Users can now select media resources such as DVDs and music CDs from the open shelves on LG1 and check them out at the Circulation Counter on G/F. Users no longer need to use separate counters for checking out books and media.

Through this merger, the scope of the Learning Commons Help Desk on LG1 has also been enlarged. Its responsibilities have extended to manage all study areas on LG1, booking of Media & Discussion Rooms, the use of AV carrels and microform scanners as well as Visually Impaired Workstation for users with disabilities.

With the new service model, users now have a consistent support experience. Users are no longer being sent between two different service points on LG1 for help while borrowing activities are consolidated on G/F. The space formerly occupied by the Media Counter will be released for student study. Another benefit of the change is to streamline staffing resulting in better utilization of staff time and better allocation of student helpers.

Moving forward, the Library will continue to support the Integrated Service Model via a single counter. Further consolidation of service points may take place with the goal of improving users’ navigation between Library services.

Library Staff Development: Google Applied Digital Skills

In fall 2018, the Library launched a training project for our staff to explore Google’s Applied Digital Skills using its free project-based video curriculum (

An initiative by our University Librarian, the project was spearheaded by a small Working Group comprising staff representatives from different Library departments. As a start, the Group studied the Google curriculum and identified five training units to explore. These units were categorized into Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels so staff could choose units based on their interest and abilities. The Group also created an online Guide and provided assistance.

Google Group Photo

Working in small groups of 2-3 members, 59 Library staff participated in this training project. Groups producing the best results were nominated to present their outputs at Library Connect, which is a regular platform for Library staff to share knowledge and experience.

The presentations were done on Nov. 16 with 9 groups presenting their outputs. They were extremely well prepared and amazing, making it difficult to select winners. Using an anonymous voting system, the three best groups were selected by all Library staff. They were rewarded with supermarket coupons for their outstanding work.

Staff feedback was very positive and encouraging. As part of our continuous efforts to improve services, we are planning for more IT training to upgrade Library staff skills and performance.

Library Smart Campus Project

Facial Recognition

The Library has joined a campus-wide effort to develop projects for a Sustainable Smart Campus as a Living Lab ( We are collaborating with ITSC on development being done as a guided learning project by HKUST students.

This project seeks to enhance users’ Library experience by using facial recognition technology as an optional (voluntary opt-in) alternative to a campus ID card for Library access and counter services. This should reduce crowding at entrances, improve security, and improve user satisfaction.

Security and privacy are very important issues. Facial recognition services will be opt-in only and all system data will be stored and managed within the University and accessible only by designated staff.

The pilot version should be ready for use at the G/F entrance in February, later expanding to all entrance gates. If it goes well, a pilot version for borrowing may be ready next year. The Library is also exploring using facial recognition for attendance taking at library classes and events. As the facial recognition system is developed, it will also be used for opt-in campus services beyond the Library.

Library Exhibitions

Ex libris is Latin referring to a bookplate affixed to a book for identifying its ownership. It is believed to date back to the 15th century in Europe when aristocrats produced one of the first ex libris in books presented to monasteries as gifts. The use of ex libris in books later spread to Japan and China when Europeans landed on Asia.

Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of the Hong Kong Ex Libris Association, our Library will stage a special Exhibition on International Ex Libris in collaboration with HKEA. The exhibition will open on March 7. Featuring over 100 ex libris, it will involve over 50 artists from 15 countries. Through the exhibition, we hope to arouse the interest of our University community in this special art, which is closely associated with reading and books.

In conjunction with the exhibition, there will be a talk/demonstration on the history and development of ex libris and a workshop on making ex libris.

Exlibris 3From March 11 to June 30, the Library will showcase the work of Michelle Fung in LG1 Learning Commons. Titled Plastics, plastics, every where!, the exhibition will feature the original hand-drawn images in Michelle’s book 空膠雨》, which is a cautionary tale on the consequences of modern society’s feverish consumption and irresponsible disposal of plastics.

This Library exhibition will be a part of the HKUST Arts Festival 2019 and a sustainability project co-organized by the Library, Center for the Arts, and Sustainability Unit. Other activities of the project will include an installation exhibition by Michelle Fung in the Tsang Shiu Tim Art Hall, a movie screening of Plastic Ocean, and three workshops on plastic fashion to be conducted by an Italian artist.

Stay tuned for announcements of these exhibition activities which are also Library events to celebrate International Womens’ Day 2019.

New Walter R. Kent Collection

Walter R. Kent 1970

The Library recently received a large and precious collection of maps, posters, books, and aircraft models from the estate of the late Walter R. Kent. Walter R. Kent was a lawyer as well as a map and photo collector. He was born in Brooklyn, New York, then lived and worked for 49 years in Asia. When he retired in the mid-1990s, Hong Kong became his home.

Through the years, he collected materials relating to aviation and cartography. His map collection reflects the places of his life and work, including his native New York, with over 250 maps from the 18th‑20th centuries spanning from Indonesia to Thailand, from Vietnam to Taiwan, and Shanghai and Hong Kong.

The Library is grateful to the Co-Executors of the late Walter R. Kent and his friends for making this donation happen. The maps will be hosted in the Special Collections, and will be gradually catalogued, scanned, and made accessible in our Rare and Special E-zone under Walter’s name. An exhibition to commemorate his memory will be held in the KPS Gallery.

Spring Book Talks

Chi Ming Yan

Following the very successful book talk in 2016 on 《1849 日出日落》, we are very pleased to have the return of Mr. Chi Ming Yan (甄子明) to speak to us on his new book 《1858 風起雲湧》 on February 20. Addressing the 2nd Opium War from a new perspective,  Mr.Yan will discuss the reasons for the war, the world order at that time, the impact of the war on China’s modernization, etc.

Mr. Yan was educated in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. He is a professional engineer engaged in real estate business in Hong Kong and China. His father was a martial arts novel writer in the 1960s, so he developed a strong interest in Chinese literature, culture, and history. Because of his special background, he has a deep understanding of China, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong.《1858 風起雲湧》is his second historical novel.

On February 27, alumna Vivian Ho will return to her alma mater to share her new book and her story to inspire the HKUST community. In her book titled 《香港失物認領處 ── 100個城市印記 to be found》, Vivian has vividly illustrated 12 special landscapes and characteristics of Hong Kong with her bold and unfettered imaginations. This book is chosen as one of the books for the Hong Kong Golden Book Award 2018 (香港金閱獎).

Vivian Ho

Vivian’s passion for art began when she was a little girl, but she did not consider pursuing a career as an artist until high school when she started doing part-time design jobs. She has since come a long way and her work encompasses oil paintings, pastel paintings, and digital illustrations. She has held solo and joint exhibitions both locally and overseas. Recently, she did designs for limited edition Levi jackets, MOViE MOViE Cityplaza, and HK MTR’s South Island Line. Vivian has taught at HKDI and lectured on TedX and other occasions, hoping to use her passion to impact more young people.

Vivian’s talk will be the first Library event to celebrate International Womens’ Day.


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last modified 01 February 2019