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Natural World, Cultural Elegance: A Photography Exhibition by Tin Man Lee

Visitor Comments (a selection from Guest Book)

It is great that you followed your passion. Hope you capture more wonderful photographs.
It was very beautiful work!
A great photographer has a world in his mind. A wonderful & amazing world. Thanks for bringing it to me.
These pictures are fantastic!
Excellent photos! Keep it up!
This is the most wonderful work of photography I have seen. It brings out the best of nature & exposes to a world are quite ignorant of. Great work sin, you have my respect
Excellent pics. Good inspiration. Memorable time share with friends
The collection of the photos are super. Keep it up and do it better in future.
I love the picture of black bear reflection most! Good job! Congratulation!
So enjoyable viewing these after reading boring articles for hours. Thx so much.
Feast for the eyes! Exceptional peaks we will not get to see easily.
I like your photography especially the light. It is warn and bright.
 Amazing! From your photos, I can see your heart. So 窩心, so touching
 純淨的感受, 給人帶來祥和!
 Extraordinary nature nice work!
 Thank you for giving me a peaceful time to relax from the stress. The photos give me great our life are full of color. I love nature.加油.我會有錢出錢有力出力.
 Thank you Tin Man for taking such wonderful photos that touch our souls.
 好令! 好中意! 抱回家! Beautiful photos! I love them so much.
 自然. 美麗. 和諧. 愛自然. 愛這個世界
 Good photos! I like the photo with title “Fox kit with leaves the most.
 I love how each photograph the story of a family or the personal of an animal and how I feel connected with them. 
 Excellent in one word, I was truly impressed well done and we are honored to have you at UST. Please visit again.
Artistic conception is very good. The animals is very cute.
 Showing the wonder of the nature! Great photos!
 The photos were spectacular! I loved each & every one of them!
 The photos are amazing and can see the wildlife and the thinking behind the picture are spectacular and really need to respect the nature. Thank you for such amazing shoots.
 攝影展十分好看, 看得出攝影師用了很多心血去完成作品!
 攝影展的相好令, 一直很難拍得出來! 希望以後亦能看到如此美妙的作品
 這些畫真的很生動和漂亮! 給你個讚
 真实 , 自然 , 触动人心
 What Pain but such gain! Keep up your great work! Inspiring! and Thank you!!
 You will love wildlife and animals after seeing all these beautiful pics. Thanks!
 李天文先生的冒险精神 , 令人欽佩 !
 向前輩致敬 , 好美的影展 , 好美的意境向前輩学习 , 期待有一天我的名字也会留名
 李天文哥哥的相片很漂亮 , 我很欣賞你的相片
 Very impressive! I love the first photo of the fox. I feel like I experiencing her motions at the moment when I look at her. It’s a very new and exciting moment for me .Thank you for you wonderful work. I was touched!
 Impressive and precious. love the first one most. (FOX)! Thanks for your work and sharing!
 相片很美 , 令人寧靜 !
 這些攝影真是十分美麗 !!
 Very Nice Photos! Feel peace when I look at them.
 小熊十分可愛 , 拍得十分精彩
 I love their movements and the cute description!
 It’s really amazing that you could capture these, keep it up
 被动物的亲情深深感动 !
 Dear Dr. Lee, It was a pleasure to MC your sharing. I enjoyed your stories, especially the one a great the bison. Please continue sharing your experience through your art because they are haunting powerful. I wish you take best of luck in your journey!
 I can see humanity in the animals eyes. Impressive photos.
 好寧靜的照片, 让人內心也好平靜 .
 There is a whole world in the bear’s eyes. So beautiful, so delightful.
 好美的照片 , 尤其喜愛彩虹前之山羊. 多謝
 李天文先生: 我都很喜歡攝影和大自然 , 見到你的相片 , 我感到非常感動和偉大。多謝您希望有一天我都可以開相展.
 A beautiful place to get your mind of all the stress and pressure from the studies – simply marvelous.
 Great shots of animals! So many masterpieces, all are very impressive. I especially like the ‘Dall sheep in rainbow’ Keep doing and sharing such nice staff!
 Pictures are so lovely and touching. Thank you for great pictures. We definitely have to protect our nature and these animal friends!
 Awesome skill and talent really touching as to how you compare animal behavior with daily human emotions/life. Thanks for sharing your experiences with the world.
 Such a lovely collection of picture. I am very glad that UST library displays such collection.
 Very inspiring. City lifestyle makes me forget that I am nothing in front of the mother nature and I need to be humble as a human being.
 被彩虹中的山羊美哭了, 很棒的攝影!
 動物與人一樣有情無情一面! 太美化單方面了.
 Definitely beautiful photos! The captions are so nice that I can’t stop smiling while reading I love the bears & goats! So cute. Thanks a lot for your great work
 好棒好喜歡! 來科大三年最喜歡的展覽沒有之一! 可以每天和動物在一起觀察它們,記錄它們真是好幸福的一件事! I love animals and love your photos! Thanks for capturing them
 Yours picture are great. Nice to meet you at FB 3 years ago when my family had sickness, death, at that times your daily pictures and story impressed me and comfort me. Thanks for your pictures and wish you have more price and follower and your exhibition is a must very enjoy.
 Well Done 天文! 你讓我們看見動物可愛動人的一面, 眾生平等. 我們都要愛護牠們!
 Good photos to inspire us to thank for ‘god’, power of nature, beauty of nature, love of nature, most touching cow scene.
 照片非常讓人感動 ! 很多母子的照片充滿了愛意 , 看得出攝影師熱愛大自然 , 熱愛生命 , 願李博士能分享更多的照片展現這個世界的美麗 !
 作為一個生活在大都會的平凡人, 早上起早趕車,工作,回家,感覺過著一種機械化的生活. 生活在極地高山的動物長長根本難以想像. 感謝這個畫展讓我人性化的一面,亦令我對的內心多了一份寧靜.
 拍得太棒了. 很精彩, 驚嘆造物主的創造. 透過你的攝影技巧, 呈現大家眼前! 加油!
 天然和諧. 我最喜歡熊寶寶和熊媽媽在一起的照片, 那張bear in clert很生動, 拍到這樣美妙的, 應該很辛苦等待的追尋.
 The moments captured are all very beautiful. I am grateful that you can capture such intinate moments between the bears & its cubs, it really shows how we are all the some thing being capable of feeling & love. They are wonderful, please warp up the passion of really looks forward to more of your work.
 Amazing pictures and great talent and passion. Thank you for having this exhibition and thanks to Tin Man for bringing nature to us people.
 您好李天文先生 , 感謝您的攝影展如此感动我 , 我被您的敬意和誠意打动 , 给了我很多啟发和力量。道始于情 , 天地有情 , 赤子之心 , 如你让我相信真善美 , 愿世间返璞归真 , 止于至善 , 大美不言。再次感謝您。祝好
 We live in Hong Kong. We cannot believe the animals are living with us in the other of the world. By the camera of Mr. Tin Man LEE, we see them! May I suggest Mr. Tin Man Lee  who  makes more products like stories , goods  like clothes and so forth. or the partners or business man , to work out ? It is wonderful.
 為動物的親情感動 , 也為您熱愛大自然的執著感動 !
This is the second time to see the gent pictures. They are still impressive and give me great impart. It is hand to take these beautiful and great pictures. Thank you for your sharing.
 從照片擴大心中世界 , 特别喜歡小熊跟小猢狸的 , 特別有種像人與人的相處 . 圖像色彩構圖亦一流。