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Happiness in the Making – An Exhibition of Works by Rosanna Li Wei Han

Rosanna Li’s work is characterized by smooth, fluid lines, as well as by very down-to-earth, localized subject matter. She often takes Hong Kong as a theme, using what she sees, hears, and feels as a source of artistic inspiration. This, coupled with Li’s longtime experience in working and creating with clay as a medium, makes her art have a great sense of intimacy for local viewers.

After casually dabbling in sketching and drawing comics in her youth, Li later developed a passion for clay. In her hands, clay is as malleable and handy as a paintbrush is to a painter. Her ability to manipulate and mold the material has allowed her to create highly vivid characters, full of verve and humour.

In 2016, Li spent three months in Japan, where she relished the opportunity to explore the medium of clay further and immerse herself in a new lifestyle, far from the familiar comforts of home. Inspired by her experiences abroad, and using techniques that she had been experimenting with, she produced a new series of work during this period.

The exhibition focuses on the usual features of Li’s art and her concern towards Hong Kong social issues, especially concerning housing problems. Another theme of the exhibition is the relationship between objects and the environment. Apart from the ceramic pieces, this exhibition also features some installations with ready-made objects, to provide visitors with fresh perspectives into Li’s oeuvre.

Dr Tang Ying Chi