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From Canton Trade to Colonial Hong Kong:
The Pearl River Delta before and after the Opium War

Gallery Tours / 展覽導賞

The tours will be guided by Dr Marco CABOARA, Digital Scholarship and Archives Manager in the Library. He is an Italian scholar with a background in history of East-West interactions and Classical Chinese linguistics.

In the tours, Dr CABOARA will introduce original maps, city views, and photos of Macao, Canton and Hong Kong from 1700 to 1870, showing the changes in trade and the impact of the Opium Wars on the region. Dr CABOARA will discuss the background and the visual features of these valuable and fascinating images, and also explain the other theme of the exhibition, the different views of the world and the different technologies shown by Chinese and Western maps at the start of the European expansion in the region.


  • 28 Sep 2017 1-2 pm
  • 24 Oct 2017 1-2 pm
  • Nov 23, Mon, 1-2 pm
  • 12 Dec, Tue, 1-2 pm
  • 18 Jan, 2018, Thu, 1-2 pm
  • 27 Feb, Tue, 1-2 pm (canceled)
  • 6 Mar, 2018, Tue, 1-2 pm
  • 21 Mar, 2018, Wed, 12-1 pm
  • 11 Apr, 2018, Wed, 12-1 pm

Registration / 報名

Remarks: HKUST students may attain 1 hour credit for the HLTH1010 Healthy Lifestyle Course after attending the guided tour. Please show SID card on arrival.