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Crossing Boundaries: The Calligraphic Art of Manny Ling

Visitor Comments (a selection from Guest Book)

I really love the writings! The writings are amazing and artistic. The views in HKUST are great and relaxing.
Thanks for turning the symbols into spiritual matters.
Your work hits a deep chore!! Thank you. It is not just beautiful but much more!
Manny, Words are beautiful. Great exhibition.
To Manny, Awesome Calligraphy and inspiring phrases! Really enjoyed them.
Impressive! Crossover. Great!!!
中西合壁!!! Amazing!!
Beautiful calligraphy. You are very talented!!
Dear Mr. Ling, OMG! Your works are SO AMAZING!! Thank you for showing us the spirit of calligraphy across the boundary of languages. I really enjoy the exhibition very much!
Beautiful work! Glad to see handwriting not gone or lost forever.
Awesome Exhibition! Some intro to Chinese & English calligraphy are NEEDED.
Thanks for bringing great words to UST.
I must admit that even as a writer (and an English literature major – hello!), I don’t pay nearly enough attention to the appearance of words as opposed to their meaning. But the way words look is shockingly important and altering the way they appear on a page or any other medium changes everything, or so I’ve found. The way I read Stevenson, Tennyson, or Shelley was almost revolutionized in that the beauty of the passages was amplified by the beauty of calligraphy. So thank you Dr. Ling for giving words new life if only by making the art of writing them an art form unto itself. Good work.
This is absolutely AMAZING! Especially the combination of Chinese & English ones.
很靈動的美,英文書寫中亦有水墨的意境,融合恰到好處。Very impressive.
先生的字体苍勁有力 , 很显功夫, 然有一问: 英文之中, 可有单詞. 可如传统題字一般 , 一字即为一幅作品?
Beautiful calligraphy in a beautiful hand. 前不見古人,後不見來者。