Lift B Renovation – March 7 -> June 4 2022

The Library’s Lift B will be renovated over the next several months, during which it will be out of service.  Please use Lift A and Lift C, or the stairs, for your movement between floors.

Library Lift B Location
Library Lift B Location

We apologize for the inconvenience caused, but now is the best time to do the renovations to the lift to minimize disturbance to staff and students.

New and Improved Group Study Rooms

The Library is always working to improve services and facilities for your use.  Recently, we have been able to convert 3 more rooms into group studies!

Back in May, we added room LG4-02.  And this week we rolled out LG3-04 and LG3-08!  We still need to add some artwork to them, and the computer monitor in LG3-08 is a temporary one on the table – a proper 32″ wall-mounted monitor will be added later.

NEW! LG3-04 Group Study Room
NEW! LG3-04 Group Study Room

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Noisy Construction Works in Media This Weekend

As part of the Library’s ongoing renovations, the various wiring conduits in the three Media and Discussion Rooms on LG1 need to be relocated. Unfortunately, this involves some very noisy work, as the contractor cuts the concrete walls for the new conduits.

This work is now scheduled for this weekend (Saturday and Sunday, 8-9 November). We apologise for the noise – please be understanding as we work to improve the media rooms.

Furniture Samples Available For Comment

We need your comments on some furniture samples for the 1/F and LG1 renovations!

Please visit the furniture samples area on LG1 behind the Media Counter, and write your comments on the posted sheets of paper.

So far, we have several low and high chairs for you to evaluate. More furniture samples will be coming in a week or so, including a table or two.

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Special Collections Gallery and Digitization Project


With a donation of $3 million from Dr Ko Pui-shuen, Chairman of Kingrich Asia Holdings Limited, the Library has initiated two projects to enhance access to and use of the University Archives & Special Collections.

Building a Special Collections Gallery

Overview of Gallery Design Space

In addition to providing reading and research space for users, the Gallery will be dedicated to exhibitions of our Special Collections and University archival materials; such as antique maps of China, classical science and technology-related rare books, and HKUST historical documents.  During the past few months, we have worked with the designer to come up with a design layout and are in the process of selecting a construction vendor.  The target completion date is August 2013.

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Summer Construction – Learning Commons

As part of the Learning Commons construction works, the contractor will be erecting some hoarding on LG1 to block off most of the floor.

Please note the following impacts:

  • For access to Media Resources, users should continue through to the far end of the Ground Floor, and travel down in Lift C.
  • ALL of the LG1 group study and seminar rooms will be closed throughout the construction.
  • The front staircase will be closed from G/F to LG3.
  • The Enclosed Staircase will have its LG1 access blocked off.
  • Lifts A and B will also have their LG1 access blocked off.
  • The LG1 photocopy room will also be closed.
  • The three Media Viewing rooms will not be affected.

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