Copyright in Education: Teaching and Research

Copyright in Education: Teaching and ResearchThe Library is hosting a seminar on copyright issues in relation to teaching & research. This seminar will cover:

  • Basic concepts of copyright in Hong Kong
  • Permitted acts relevant to teaching and doing research
  • Copyright licensing bodies in Hong Kong
  • Overview of Copyright (Amendment) Bill 2014

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Scientific Publishing: a Workshop for Early Career Researchers

Elsevier is a leading provider of scientific, technical and medical information. In this author workshop, Mr. Keith Lambert from Elsevier will cover:

  • Introduction To Scholarly Publishing
  • How To Get Published
  • Author Rights
  • Open Access
  • Research and Publication Ethics
  • Successful Grant Writing
  • Getting Your Paper Noticed
  • The Impact Factor and Other Bibliometric Indicators

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怎樣撰寫和發表期刊論文 (How to Write and Publish Journal Papers)

圖書館誠意邀請你們參加由余同希教授 (Prof. Tongxi YU) 主講的寫作講座,講題為 「怎樣撰寫和發表期刊論文」(How to Write and Publish Journal Papers)。

期刊論文是宣示科研發現與傳播學術成果的主要媒介;發表期刊論文在研究生、博士生的學業和大學教師的學術生涯中都起著重要而不可替代的作用。近年來,隨著全球期刊論文數量的激增,在優質國際刊物上發表論文的競爭也日趨激烈。因此,如何提高論文的撰寫質量,爭取在優質刊物上發表,是很多人面臨 的問題,同時也是研究生學習過程中的一個重要環節。

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