Nasty Mess Left in Study Room

This week, the Library was able to extend the overnight study space to include all of LG1.  The plan is to try this out for the study and exam weeks to reduce the pressure on the existing 24-hour LC space.  We are able to do so through a lot of work and planning by Library staff, and with the help of University administration and support from FMO.

Sadly, some students abused this change, and they made a big mess in one of the Media Viewing rooms.

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Furniture Samples Available For Comment

We need your comments on some furniture samples for the 1/F and LG1 renovations!

Please visit the furniture samples area on LG1 behind the Media Counter, and write your comments on the posted sheets of paper.

So far, we have several low and high chairs for you to evaluate. More furniture samples will be coming in a week or so, including a table or two.

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