Order Your Common Core Course Materials Now

Common Core Course Materials for Fall 2012

Please send in your purchase requests for your Common Core course
materials as soon as possible.

Overseas orders may take up to 8 weeks from request to availability. To
ensure the materials are ready for your students by the start of the next
semester, make your requests now.

Send your list of book requests to lbacq@ust.hk ,
stating the course code and course title, and clearly indicating which
items are meant for RESERVE.

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New Database Announcement

New Database Announcement

World History in Video

An online collection that contains more than 1,000 hours of streaming
video from 1,750 critically acclaimed documentaries from filmmakers
worldwide. This collection provides a global survey of human history
from the earliest civilizations to the 21st century.
The videos incorporate a wide variety of primary sources, including
archival images, artifacts, documents, and in the modern era also
interviews with key participants. Users can browse by historical eras,
time periods, historical events, places, political or cultural groups,
people, themes and topics.


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New Database Announcement


Three new major reference works are now available.

1. New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics

The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics is a comprehensive and dynamic
resource which:

* covers more than 3,800 articles in a board range of economic
subjects including micro and macro economics, international and
financial economics, labor and demographic economics, economic
systems, etc with quarterly updates.
* allows users to search and browse by 26 economic topics or 2,100+
contributors including 29 Nobel Laureates in Economics.
* supports personal bookmarking and annotations.
* provides full-text access to the 1987 archive edition.


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Reserve and Common Core Items for Fall 2012

* Reserve and Common Core Items for Fall 2012 *

Please send in your Reserve and Media Reserve requests as soon as
possible. That way, your assigned readings will be ready for your students
on time.

You can make your requests online:

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Library and Learning Commons extended hours for Exam Period

Dear students,

To help you study more, during the examination period (May 12th-May 24th),
the Library will stay open until 12am (midnight) and the Learning Commons
will stay open until 6am.

The extended hours are listed here:

The Library will be very full and busy during this time. To make a safe
and pleasant study environment for all please remember:

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Library Hours for Public Holidays

* Library Hours for Public Holidays     *

Learning Commons
4 April (Wed) Ching Ming Festival Closed 1-11 pm
6 April (Fri) Good Friday 1-5 pm 1-11 pm
7 April (Sat) Day after Good Friday 1-5 pm 1-11 pm
8 April (Sun) Easter Closed 1-11 pm
9 April (Mon) Easter Monday 1-9 pm 1-11 pm

Library Newsletter No. 84 (April 2012)

The new issue of “Notes from the Library” can now be viewed at


* Learning Commons – The New Focal Point
* Book Talks – This Month and Past
* Library Survey Results Updates
* Media: Intimacy of Creativity 2012 Artists & Composers
* Service Updates
* HKUST Scholarly Publications DB
* Collection Spotlight: New Databases
* Model of Jiaolong Deep-diving Manned Submersible
* Students Highly Praise Library Services
* Mobile Website / Digital Initiatives

Previous issues of /”Notes from the Library”/ can be accessed at

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Improving Library and Learning Commons Atmosphere

Dear Students

This semester, we have seen an increase in eating and drinking in all parts of the Library and Learning Commons. At the same time, one of the most common student complaints we received from the LibQual survey last winter was about the behavior of other students. Many students complained that their fellow students were too noisy.

In the run-up to Finals, we want to make sure that everyone understands the guidelines about noise, food, and drink in the Library and Learning
Commons. Following these guidelines helps to maintain a good environment for your study, research, and learning.

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Learning Commons Open until 11pm on Weekends

Dear Students,

We are happy to announce that the Learning Commons now stays open until
11pm on Saturdays and Sundays (the rest of the Library closes at its usual
hours). For details on the hours, please go here:

At the same time, the Library has become busier with mid-terms. To
maintain a good study environment for everyone, we must all work together.
To clarify the ground rules of the Library and Learning Commons, please

1. Food
You may eat light snacks in the Refreshment Zone only. No food is
permitted anywhere else in the Library.

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Database Expansion Announcement – MyiLibrary

Database Expansion Announcement


MyiLibrary is an online platform that provides desktop access to e-books
in multiple disciplines from a range of scholarly publishers. The
Library has recently expanded the subscription and acquired over 4,000
additional new titles in different subject areas including humanities
and social sciences, business and management, engineering and science.
Users can browse by subject, publisher and title or search the full-text
of the books.


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Asia’s role in reshaping capitalism and saving the planet

Dear Students and Colleagues,

You are cordially invited to a Book Talk by Mr. Chandran Nair, the author of
“/Consumptionomics : Asia’s role in reshaping capitalism and saving the planet/”

Date: February 22, 2012 (Wednesday)
Time: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Place: Library Gallery, G/F
Language: English

Mr. Chandran Nair is the Founder and CEO of the Global Institute For Tomorrow (GIFT),
an independent social venture think tank based in Hong Kong. He is also an adjunct
Associate Professor in the MBA program here at HKUST.

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