Library Newsletter No. 124 (April 2022)

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HKUST Library Newsletter | Issue No. 124 | April 2022

E-Discovery Week Prizes

E–Discovery Week 2022

The Library held the 5th E-Discovery Week from February 14–18 – a week of online learning spiced up with a Grand Lucky Draw, “IG Giveaway” activities on Instagram, a fun highlights video, etc.


Professor Liem

April iTalk: Learn to Learn at Uni.

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think“ – Albert Einstein

To Professor Rhea Liem, to make her students appreciate and enjoy learning has been her main motivation and mission in teaching.


Andrew Stow and Gilad Feldman

Researchers’ Series @ Library

Early career researchers who wish to pursue a research position will find it useful to develop a broad range of skills that would help them thrive in their careers.


Exhibition Poster

The Power of Diversity — Exhibition delayed

The pandemic has affected many aspects of our campus life. The exhibition, The Power of Diversity – Artistic Visionaries from HKUST (多元「藝」力), originally scheduled to open on February 24, was also inevitably delayed. However, we are targeting a soft launch in early April as our four alumni artists have been working hard to showcase their passion and dreams via their art creations in this very special exhibition.


Exhibition Poster

「見微知著—秦漢璽印及近現代篆刻展覽」及有關活動 – Big Picture in Tiny Space : From Ancient Qin-Han Seals to Modern Seal Carving

古壐印自春秋戰國發展到秦漢,可稱進入鼎 盛。繼承古璽自然古樸之印風,印文以小篆 為之,變圓為方,變奇崛為平正,方中寓圓,圓中 寓方,活潑靈動,形成鮮明之時代特徵。秦印以白 文鑿印為主,私印形制以長方形、圓形、橢圓形最 為常見,其中又以長方形「半通印」居多。


Bee Happy screen

Bee Happy Talk Was Buzzing!

On March 7, 213 people attended the talk on Bee Happy 養蜂‧生態‧保育 by HKUST alumnus Mr. Lancelot Shir on Zoom. This rock star Maths tutor turned beekeeper introduced participants to characteristics and life spans of different types of bees.


DMPTool@HKUST Landing Page

Launching DMPTool@HKUST for Data Management Plan Writing

Data is at the heart of scientific discovery and future research. Traditionally, we take publications as the culmination of research. In recent years, the research community has paid more attention to the effective management of research data in a paradigm shift towards reproducible and reusable research.


Kanopy banner

Collection Spotlight: What’s New

中國博碩士學位論文全文數據庫 –文史 哲 (China Doctoral Dissertation & Master’s Theses Full-text Database: Literature, History and Philosophy).

Kanopy – Everyone from film scholars to casual viewers will discover remarkable and enriching films on Kanopy

Scite – A smart citation index that displays the context of citations and classifies their intent using AI.



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