Library Newsletter No. 123 (February 2022)

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HKUST Library Newsletter | Issue No. 123 | February 2022

Matteo Ricci Map

Recent Additions to our Special Collection of Antique Maps

The Library has recently acquired about 30 rare and precious Chinese and Japanese maps for our Special Collections. These items, many of which are manuscripts, add a new dimension to our collections, which has its strength on maps printed by Europeans.


Library Leadership Institute

Library Leadership Institute 2022

Leadership development programs are popular among business corporations and public institutions. Many of you may not know that there has been an established program specifically designed for professional librarians in Hong Kong since 2003!


Proquest One Business

Collection Spotlight: New and Expanded Databases

中國人口普查資料庫 […] provides integrated access to the 3rd through 6th National Population Census of China […] British Standards Online (BSOL) […] ProQuest One Business.


PAP V PAP Banner

iTalks in February and March –

possible delays due to Covid

In February and March, the Library will host two iTalks, one in English and one in Cantonese. At the first talk Prof. Donald Low of HKUST and Dr. Cherian George of HKBU will discuss recent developments in Singapore politics.


Site Photo - Library

Planning for the HKUST Guangzhou Campus Library

This year has seen the start of real planning for the Library at the new HKUST-Guangzhou Campus. […] We have met extensively with the campus architects and designers on the building design.



Chinese Seal


見微知著,即看到事物的一小部分,便知道它 的整體狀況或發展趨勢。璽印及篆刻由春秋 戰國時代至今已有三千多年歷史,其歷史價值隨著 時間的推移而愈加顯著。


Allumni Portrait

The Power of Diversity – Artistic Visionaries from HKUST

Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of HKUST, the Library and DAO will showcase an exhibition entitled The Power of Diversity – Artistic Visionaries from HKUST.


Abandoned e-cigarette

NO Smoking in the Library

Sadly, there have been a few recent cases of smoking in the building. Abandoned e-cigattettes have also been found.

Be considerate of others, and of campus safety. NO SMOKING!


Happy Chinese New Year of the Tiger!




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