Library Newsletter No. 122 (November 2021)

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HKUST Library Newsletter | Issue No. 122 | November 2021

RDM Symposium Poster

RDM Symposium: A Series of Fruitful Online Discussions

In last month’s Research Data Management (RDM) Symposium, hundreds of HKUST researchers joined the online seminars to explore research data integrity, publishing and retractions, open science, and reproducible research.


Library Achievements 2020-2021

Library Achievements 2020-2021

Every summer, the Library has a staff retreat to take stock of the previous year and make plans for the future.


Scifinder-n feature example

Collection Spotlight: SciFinder-n

SciFinder-n is a new version of SciFinder, which is the most comprehensive database to search for chemical literature, substances, and reactions.


iTalk Speaker Bio

November Library iTALK –




Therapy Dog

Comfort Paws Program @Library

University life can get truly stressful with a heavy load of assignments and exams. Research has shown that therapy dogs have a positive effect on students’ wellbeing, particularly reducing stress and anxiety.


Library crowding

Facilities Updates — Very Crowded

Wow – the Library is really, really, really crowded these days!

We have done what we can, Now you need to do your part – be considerate of your fellow students.

The Library has made a few changes to help:


Oracle Bone on Loan

Blessings of Auspicious Treasures

Celebrating the University’s 30th Anniversary, the Library and MTPC will jointly present The Blessings of Auspicious Treasures: Oracle Bone Calligraphy Exhibition of Xie Chunling this fall.


Mobbed book sale

Library’s 5th Withdrawn Book Sale Proves Popular

Books flew out the door in the 2nd week of September during the Library’s 5th Withdrawn Book Sale, when 83% of the almost 4,000 books were sold to members of the HKUST community. […] the Library offered for sale a selection of old and long-unused, and duplicate copies in all subjects that had been withdrawn from the collection


Gate Count Analytics graph

You’re Back! Library Occupancy

The Library’s data analytics platform really shows the explosive change in Library usage once the campus was able to return to face-to-face teaching. We track of a variety of physical and virtual usage metrics, including entry gate counts, WiFi connections and usage, and off-campus e-resource access. See our data dashboards for details:



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