Special free access to ebooks, ejournals and streaming videos during COVID-19 outbreak

Dear students and faculty members,

To assist online research, various publishers have enabled free access to their scholarly content for the remainder of this semester. Most free access periods will last until the end of May. There may be further extensions depending on current situations.

Below are some major trials for you to explore:

Name of resource Content
Annual Reviews All journals with over 40,000 review articles
Cambridge U Press textbooks 700 e-textbooks via Cambridge Core
Digital Concert Hall – Berlin Philharmonic Use the code BERLINPHIL to redeem 30-day free access latest by March 31
Digital Dissertation Consortium Over 60,000 ProQuest dissertations from 2001 to 2006
Ebsco ebook Collection and ProQuest Ebook Central Upgrade 1 to 3 concurrent users to unlimited users for participating publishers
ScienceDirect ebooks Over 45,000 ebooks, ebook series, major reference works and e-textbooks
IEEE eLearning courses Over 60 IEEE courses
Jove Science Education All videos in science education series
JSTOR All journal archives and primary source collections

Please observe responsible use of online resources and refer to the Library home page for additional updates. Queries can be emailed to LBREF@ust.hk.

HKUST Library