LIBRARY Readers ALERT no. 299 – Memes

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1. “Staring Into the abyss: astronomers take the first picture of a black hole,”
The Economist vol. 431, no. 9138 (Apr 13, 2019): p. 77.

Last month, after years of painstaking work, an international team of more than 200 astronomers was able to take the first snap of a Black Hole.

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2. “This is where internet memes come from,”
MIT Technology Review (June 11, 2018)

No sooner than the Black Hole was released, then “memes” spread out, some humorous, others more pointed or political. This article explains what memes are, and how people try to understand their development and spread.

MIT Technology Review is available electronically at


book cover

Memes in digital culture / Limor Shifman

What’s the history of memes, how are they different from “virals”, and how can we expect them to change and influence global culture? This book asks and answers some very interesting questions.



Know Your Meme (KYM)

This website has been documenting memes since 2007.
Here’s an example of a confirmed meme: Doge . Here’s an example of a meme in progress: First Image of a Black Hole — You can see the research and discussion of the memes generated by the release of the photo on April 10, memes about the image itself, memes about the astronomers.

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