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1. Berinato, Scott. “Data science and the art of persuasion,”
Harvard Business Review vol. 97, no. 1 (Jan/Feb 2019): p. 126-137.

Despite billions of investment in hiring talented data scientists, many companies failed to get the value out of it. The problem is that these scientists are trained to uncover insights, but not to communicate what those insights mean for business. Indeed, a successful data science team needs six talents: project management, data wrangling, data analysis, subject expertise, design, and storytelling.

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2. Ducharme, Jamie. “Eggs may be bad for the heart, a new study says—but there’s more to the story,”
Time (March 15, 2019)

Eggs are a staple of American breakfasts, but they’re a highly controversial food. Are they healthy or not? Do they raise cholesterol? Should you eat only the egg whites, or opt for yolks? Read this article to find out.

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dvd cover

Loving Vincent / Dorota Kobiela & Hugh Welchman

Loving Vincent is the world’s first fully oil painted feature film. It brings the paintings of Vincent van Gogh to life to tell his remarkable story. Watch the Official Trailer.



Van Gogh Alive – The Experience in Hong Kong

This multi-sensory exhibition featuring the works of Vincent van Gogh will open in Hong Kong from April 6 till July 7 this year. Art lovers can explore Van Gogh’s colorful world to dream along with the artist, and navigate through his creative world like never before.

The exhibition has already toured many countries. Take a peek of the one held in Athens.

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