LIBRARY Readers ALERT no. 295 – 24 Solar Terms

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1. Dixon, Rachel. “10 great European art anniversaries in 2019,” (January 18, 2019)


From 100 years of Bauhaus to 500 years since Leonardo’s death, a host of landmark art events and exhibitions open around Europe this year.


The Guardian is available electronically at


2. Perry, Tekla S. “Where’s the happiest place to work? Survey says: LinkedIn,”
IEEE Spectrum (February 1, 2019)


Happy workers are crowding the halls at LinkedIn, Uber, and Salesforce, but in short supply at Snapchat, eBay, and Oracle, according to a survey by Blind.


IEEE Spectrum is available electronically at



book cover

The book of the cat : cats in art / Angus Hyland & Caroline Roberts


Cats have been revered by artists since ancient times for their beauty, grace, independence, and air of mystery. Domesticated, but with a touch of the wild about them, they share our homes and endlessly fascinate us. The Book of the Cat is a cool and quirky collection of feline art and illustration by artists from around the world.



The Chinese 24 Solar Terms


6 March is the Insects Waken(驚螫) of the 24 Solar Terms, which is a collective name of the system that comprises 12 “major solar terms” and 12 “minor solar terms”. “Vernal equinox” is the first “major solar term”, followed by the rest of the minor and major solar terms alternating with each other, with the cycle ending at “insects waken”. The 24 Solar Terms was added to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) world intangible cultural heritage list on 11 November, 2016. See Date and time of the 24 Solar Terms in 2019.


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