LIBRARY Readers ALERT no. 289 – Decluttering

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1. Gonzales, Sasha. “The mental dangers of a cluttered home, and how you can avoid the anxiety it causes,” (November 19, 2018)

Are you surrounded by too many physical objects in your room? If so, read on and learn the tricks to declutter. Parting with long-stored items may be an emotional process, but can well boost your self-esteem, creativity and happiness index.

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2. Gordon, Whitson. “How to stay healthy on your next germ-filled flight,”
Popular Science (November 19, 2018)

Packing a bunch of people in a confined airplane cabin during cold and flu season is a recipe for sniffles. To avoiding sneezing your way through the holidays, take some precautions to stay healthy when you fly.

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book cover

止戈為武 : 中華武術在香江

The book offers a rare socio-historical account of the traditional Chinese martial arts development in Hong Kong, illustrating the changes throughout the hundred-odd years, and pointing out the interaction between Kung Fu as physical practice and a protocol for media and film.



Jin Yong Gallery, Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Visit this permanent exhibition and immerse yourself in the fantastic martial arts world depicted in Jin Yong’s novels. With millions of copies sold across the globe, Jin Yong’s novels have inspired producers of movies, TV series, radio dramas, stage dramas, video games and various cultural and creative products, deeply influencing the development of popular culture of Hong Kong in the past few decades.

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