LIBRARY Readers ALERT no. 288 – Flooding Deserts

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1. James Rainey. “Would flooding the deserts help stop global warming?
NBC News (November 11, 2018)

Y Combinator, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm, has proposed a radical plan to flood the world’s deserts to create small oases. Could it slash the level of carbon dioxide and slow down global warming? More details here.

2. Peter Rubin. “Tech effects: how video games impact you,”
Wired (November, 2018)

Can video games help improve hand-eye coordination? Can they help train your brain and improve your cognitive abilities? This video may have the answers.

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book cover

A cash-free society : whether we like it or not / Kai A. Olsen

We are living in a digital world. Digital currency is inevitably taking over coins and banknotes. Moving towards a cash-free world may be challenging. In his new book, Professor Olsen discusses how consumers, businesses and society can prepare for this dramatic change where cash is no longer the king.


100th Anniversary of the End of World War I

Image: Armistice Day, Wall Street, Source: Wikimedia Commons

November 11, 2018 marks the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. On September 1918, the American troops began their most important battle of the war as part of Marshal Foch’s final offensive. They made a significant headway; rebuffing the German along on the Western Front. On November 11, Germany agreed to sign an armistice with the Allied Powers ending the World War I.

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