Library Newsletter No. 109 (September 2018)

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HKUST Library Newsletter | Issue No. 109 | September 2018

E-journal usage - 5-year trend

E-Journal Usage : 5-Year Trend

Electronic journals are a daily staple of scholarly research. We have done some analysis of how heavily used our e-journals have been.


Print Book vs E-Book Usage

Print Book vs E-book Usage

The Library recently studied overall trends in physical visits, book loans and e-book usage.


Laptop Computer As A Book

Print vs Electronic: Academic Reading Preferences @HKUST

In September 2017, the Library conducted the Academic Reading Format International Study (ARFIS), an international project investigating students’ attitudes and behaviors in regards to academic reading. So far, 32 different countries and territories have participated.


LG3 Compact Shelving

LG3 Compact Shelving

During the Summer the Library was able to convert a portion of regular bookshelves on LG3 into electrically operated compact shelving similar to that on LG4. This roughly doubling of shelving in that area increased our collection capacity by over 30,000 volumes.


President visits IELM Library Exhibition


In this hot summer the Library held cool exhibitions to help you beat the heat waves: IELM 4320 Design Thinking – Exhibition 2018 and Calligraphic Works from the Library’s Collection. [This fall will see] My Heart is Flying: Paintings by Chen Keng 我心飛揚 : 陳鏗畫展, and Three Years and Eight Months: Hong Kong during the Japanese Occupation 三年零八個月:日佔時期的香港.


Book Talk - Sport Science

New Book Talk Series

This year the Library has planned a number of interesting book talks on diverse topics.


Alumni Ecard Sample

Library Supports Alumni E-Card

The HKUST Library now supports the Alumni E-Card for entry and borrowing. New barcode readers have been installed in the entry gate and at the Circulation Counter.


Research Support Staff Team

Service and Staff Re-alignment

In response to the recent migration of library systems, and to better consolidate library services in research support and learning space management, we have re-aligned our service and staff in three fronts.


Grand PrizeMost Facebook Likes

Library Photo Contest 2018

The first Library photo contest has successfully concluded with 92 wonderful submissions from 57 participants (52 students and 5 staff members). Congratulations to all winners! Entries can be viewed at (



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