SC Seminar: World University Rankings : How to be Number One (9 Nov)


World University Rankings : How to be Number One

Higher education became a global industry at the beginning of the 21st century. It was not surprising that students, faculty, universities and government policy agencies became interested in global league tables.  This seminar will help attendees gain a better understanding of the rankings, their metrics, their limitations and their implications. At the end of the seminar you will be able to analyze the rankings and determine which metrics are most meaningful for you.  We will cover:

  • A brief history of events leading up to global rankings
  • The players – users and providers
  • Basic metrics that are used in the rankings
  • Major rankings and their indicators
  • Basic bibliometrics such as citations
  • Higher education system rankings and policy implications

Date & Time: 9 November Thursday 12:30 – 2:00 pm

Light refreshments will be served.

Speaker: Ms Ruth Pagell

Ms Pagell has been a practicing librarian, university library director, library school educator, speaker and writer.  She worked in library leadership positions at the University of Pennsylvania and Emory University and as Founding Librarian for Li Ka Shing Library at Singapore Management University.  She has taught LIS courses for Drexel, Clark Atlanta, and University of Hawaii, and a Knowledge Management course at Nanyang Technological  University Singapore. In addition to living in Singapore and Thailand, she has written and spoken at conferences around the world.  She co-authored “International Business Information: How to Find It, How to Use it.” Her latest interest is bibliometrics and university research rankings, writing for non bibliometricians.  This is exemplified in her chapter in the Springer Book Library and Information Science, “Bibliometrics and University Research Rankings Demystified for Librarians”  (open access)  and her series of articles for Access eNewsletter, Ruth’s Rankings <  >.


We look forward to seeing you at the seminar!

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