LIBRARY Readers ALERT no. 213 — Hong Kong Political Development

08 Oct 2014
These last couple of weeks have seen a lot of discussion, action, and strong feelings about Hong Kong’s electoral arrangements and political development. 


1. RTHK Newsfeed
This website provides recent news in all formats via RTHK’s English news website. Use Text News archive to see previous dates.

2. Ming Pao News
This website provides a good source of updated news in Chinese and allows you to subscribe to its RSS feeds.


Brownlee, Kimberley. “Civil disobedience”
The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Winter 2013 Edition), Edward N. Zalta (ed.)

This article provides useful background on civil disobedience as a concept and practice as well as a bibliography for further reading.

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy is available electronically at:


1. Library Collection Highlights – Hong Kong Political Development
This display of 100 books, e-books, and videos is located next to the Information Desk.

2. Library’s guide on Hong Kong’s Political Development
Provides sources on White Paper, Consultation Papers, websites and news for self-study and learning.

3. Constitutional Development
Created by the HKSAR Government’s Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau, it links to the recent Constitutional Development consultation page and an archive of previous consultations and papers.


HSS offers many courses on Chinese political development, especially on Hong Kong.

1. Fall Semester
While it is too late to sign-up for fall courses, the syllabi and reading lists are available online.

2. Spring semester (all are Common Core unless otherwise stated):
SOSC 1190 China and the World: China’s Development in Historical and Comparative Perspectives
SOSC 1300 The World of Politics
SOSC 1661 Contemporary HK: Government and Politics (SSC)
SOSC 1662 Contemporary HK: Society (SSC)
SOSC 2280 International Relations of East Asia
SOSC 2290 Understanding Globalization
SOSC4000A/6030E China in Comparative Perspectives (GCS: UG & PG co-list courses)
SOSC 4280 China in the Global Political Economy (GCS)
SSMA 5060 Political Changes and Political Participation (PG)

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