Expanded Women’s Toilet Facilities for Exam Period

During the exam period, the Library will be providing an additional women’s toilet during the examination period.

This will be done by converting the G/F Men’s Toilet to Women’s use from 20-29 May.

Ground Floor men's toilet notice
Ground Floor men's toilet notice

So there will be two Women’s Toilets on G/F during exams, as well as one on each of the other floors. Men’s toilets will continue to be available on the other floors.




To clarify the situation, the male toilet on the ground floor of the Library will be reallocated for female use during the exam period from 20-29 May. During this period, the other four male toilets in the Library will remain as they are.

As you may know, the Library is always extremely crowded during the exam periods. In past years, this has resulted in queues for the women’s toilets, especially the one on the ground floor. With the 3-3-4 cohort added, we expect the problem to be more severe.

In an effort to ease this situation, we are experimenting with temporarily changing one of the male toilets to female and evaluate the effect. If it helps, this arrangement may be repeated during future examination periods.

You may be interested in some additional information:

  • This will change the ratio of female to male toilet stalls in the Library from 50% (19) to 60% (23).
  • When urinals in the toilets are counted, the number of people who can simultaneously use Library toilets under this reallocation will be 23 females and 38 males.
  • The Hong Kong Government is now amending the Building (Standards of Sanitary Fitments,
    Plumbing, Drainage Works and Latrines) Regulations, Cap 123I, to increase the ratio of female toilets in government and public facilities.