SpringerLink Migration – Personal Accounts “will be lost”

If you use any of the e-journals on SringerLink, please note that there will be some changes in the service starting at 6:00pm on 15 October (Monday):

  • All connections will be automatically migrated to a new platform with new features
  • Due to privacy reasons, all existing individual (My SpringerLink) accounts will not be migrated and these accounts will be lost.

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TODAY at 6 pm: Library Book Talk – 《鱷口下的賺錢術 – 8個股市投資致勝法則》

11 Oct 2012

香港科技大學圖書館誠邀各位出席由作者鄭樹英教授所主持的新書分享會 -《鱷口下的賺錢術 – 8個股市投資致勝法則》 

日期: 2012年10月11日 (星期四)
時間: 晚上 6:00 – 7:00
: 香港科技大學圖書館唐炳源唐温金美展覽廳
語言: 廣東話

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