LIBRARY Readers ALERT no. 152

LIBRARY READERS ALERT: A Semi-monthly Service for Students
no. 152 (16 March 2011)


1. Stein, Joel. “Data mining: how companies now know everything about you,”
Time vol. 177, no. 11 (March 10, 2011).

Many businesses are collecting your personal and behavioral data behind your back and selling it to advertisers. The writer interviews a number of people in data mining companies. Interested to know how much they know about you?

Time is available electronically at

2. Hall, Stephen S. “Diseases in a dish,”
Scientific American vol. 304, no. 3 (March 2011): p. 40-45.

In the past, experiments on stem cells often referred to those derived from embryos. Now scientists manage to reprogram adult human cells into stem cells, which eventually may lead to breakthroughs in treating incurable diseases.

Scientific American is available electronically at


Reconstructing Kobe : the geography of crisis and opportunity / David W. Edgington
(DS897.K61257 E34 2010)

The world was struck by the worst ever earthquake and tsunami which hit Japan last week. There is no better proof of the nation’s resilience to natural disasters than in the restoration of Kobe from the 1995 earthquake. This book documents the first ten years of Kobe rising from the rubble.


First Commercial Internet Domain Name

On March 15, 1985 – A company called Symbolics became the first registered .com on the Internet.

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