Westlaw International


Title: Westlaw International

An extensive legal database which provides full-text legislation,
case law and law reviews covering the jurisdictions of Hong Kong,
United Kingdom, United States, European Union, Canada, Australia
and New Zealand. Treaties and international agreements are also

Content highlights:
* Hong Kong Law Reports and Digest (1905-) and Hong Kong Latest
Judgment Alert Service (1999-)
* UK statutes (1267-) and UK cases (1865-)
* US federal/state codes and cases
* Hundreds of full-text law reviews, mostly US
* Legal Journals Index which provides citations and abstracts of
law journal articles published in the UK and Europe (1986-)

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LIBRARY Readers ALERT no. 107

LIBRARY SciTech ALERT: A Semi-monthly Service for Undergraduates
no. 107 (5 November 2008)


1. Qiu, Jane. “Is China ready for GM rice?”
Nature vol. 455, no. 7215 (October 16, 2008): p. 850-852.

According to a report from World Bank, high food and energy prices
will drive the number of malnourished people around the world to
967 million in 2008. Ensuring an adequate food supply becomes a
rising challenge to many developing countries including China. Can
genetically modified food (GM Food) help China to resolve this
problem? And what are the possible negative consequences behind this
magic wand?

Nature is available electronically at

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