A special exhibition on the Olympics

To commemorate the passing of the Olympic Torch in Hong Kong and to
celebrate the opening of the Beijing Olympics, an exhibition on the
Olympic Games are being held at the left wing of the Library gallery
from August 6 to October 6.

This exhibit captures the fond memories of the special Olympic events.
In the first display case, you will see the display of the 1984 Los
Angeles Olympic in which one of the Chinese athletes won the first gold
medal for the country. The 2008 display case features the two authentic
torches carried by President Paul Chu and Mr. Yik Hei Chan, a UG student
at UST, and the uniform they wore during the torch relay. Yik Hei�s
disassembled torch along with brief explanations of each part will
enlighten you on the composition of the Olympic Torch.

Come to visit the exhibit (http://library.ust.hk/info/exhibit/)
as well as our �Collection Highlights�
(http://library.ust.hk/res/highlights/archive.html )
for books and videos available in our collection on Olympic games.

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