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Copying, Scanning and Printing

Copying & Scanning

Public copiers on each floor provide both copying and scanning service. Scanning is free and you can save scans directly to your USB flash drive or SD card. Copying charges vary with the paper size, one/two-sided and color/black-and-white(B/W).

Below is a summary of locations of different copiers and the printing/scanning options supported.

Location A3 size A4 size
B/W Color B/W Color
1/F Copier A    
G/F Copier A
G/F Copier D
LG1 Copier A
LG1 Copier B
LG1 Copier C    
LG3 Copier A    
LG4 Copier A    


In addition, three desktop scanners at the Information Commons are also available for scanning.

Printing & Wireless Printing

Public printers on each floor support printing from Library’s computers or remotely from users’ notebook computers. Printing charges vary with the paper size, one/two-sided and color/black-and-white(B/W).

To print from a notebook computer, read Wireless Printing and install the driver in advance.

To print, in general, select one of the following printers. Follow the steps of How to Print from a Library Computer to send out the print job.

Location A3 size A4 size
B/W Color B/W Color
1/F Printer A    
G/F Printer A
G/F Printer B      
G/F Printer C      
G/F Printer D
LG1 Printer A
LG1 Printer B
LG1 Printer C    
LG3 Printer A    
LG4 Printer A    


Wireless Printing

To be able to print from a notebook computer, download and install the appropriate driver below. You need to be in campus to access these files.

Microsoft Windows

Mac OS

To send print jobs from a Mac laptop, follow this guide.

If your notebook computer uses Linux or any OS not listed above, NO driver is available yet. The Library will include more operating platforms when they are available.


Charges for Copying and Printing

  A3 A4
Single-sided 2-sided / duplex Single-sided 2-sided / duplex
B/W $0.6 $1 $0.3 $0.5
Color $3 $5 $2 $3.3


All machines only accept standard-sized Octopus card for payment. To load value to the Octopus card, visit:

  • The Coffee Shop in the Academic Concourse
  • The Restaurant on LG1
  • The Supermarket on LG7
  • The Student Canteen on LG7


Copyright Issue

It is important to observe and respect copyright laws when you copy or scan any intellectual work. Read the HKUST Library’s Statement on Copyright for details.

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last modified 15 February 2018