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Document Supply Service : Interlibrary Borrowing

Eligible Users

All HKUST faculty, staff and students are eligible for interlibrary loan (ILL) service. ILL service is not available to other Library Card Holders. Faculty, postgraduates, research and teaching staff can also use the Document Delivery service to request scanned articles from the Library's print and microform collections.

Materials Available for Interlibrary Loan

Users may borrow books or request photocopies of journal articles, book chapters, conference papers, etc. However, availability is subject to the holding library's circulation and interlending policies.

Copyright Compliance and Conditions of Use

All photocopy requests must comply with the HKUST Library's copyright guidelines.

Patrons must follow whatever use guidelines and loan regulations imposed by the lender. Document Supply Service (DSS) will revoke interlibrary borrowing privileges of patrons who have repeatedly ignored and violated the rules and restrictions on the use of ILL materials.

Submit Request via HKUST ILLiad

HKUST ILLiad is the Library's interlibrary loan management system. It offers a patron Web interface which allows users to:

  • Submit requests online.
  • Check request history and the status of a request.
  • View checked-out items and request for renewals.
  • Access electronically delivered articles.

To ensure secure access to patrons' request information and electronically received articles, users are required to enter their ITSC username and password to access HKUST ILLiad. A simple registration is required for first time users to specify their preferred delivery methods.

Limits on Library-Subsidized Requests and Charges

Eligible users are entitled to a quota of subsidized requests each school year from July 1 to June 30.

Faculty 200 per year
Staff 150 per year
Postgraduates 150 per year
Clerical grade staff 50 per year
Undergraduates 50 per year

The Library subsidizes requests for materials obtained locally. Photocopies supplied via the RapidILL service, of which the Library is a member, are also fully subsidized. RapidILL is a reciprocal interlending service, which consists of over 200 academic and research libraries in the United States and other regions.

There are flat rate charges on requests exceeding quota limits and items procured from overseas suppliers outside of RapidILL.

Fee Table

Local Items (over quota) Overseas Items
Photocopy HK$20 HK$30
Loan HK$20 HK$120

Faculty members can pay by cash or cheque, charge to department's account or to a grant. Other staff members, postgraduates and undergraduates must pay by cash or cheque; those who wish to charge to department’s account or a grant have to make prior arrangement with DSS and obtain authorization from their departments.

Since the Library may need to absorb part of the borrowing and photocopying charges, DSS may decline requests deemed too costly to fill.

Special Quota & Charge - Thesis Subsidy Scheme for RPGs

Special funding has been allotted to subsidize research postgraduates who request theses or dissertations unavailable in Hong Kong. Each RPG has a quota of three theses or dissertations in one academic year, and there is a flat fee of HK$30 for each thesis purchased or borrowed. Use HKUST ILLiad to submit requests. Users can search the ProQuest Dissertations and Theses database to search for worldwide thesis information.

Delivery of Materials

Faculty and Staff
ILL photocopies are delivered to your HKUST ILLiad account electronically or your office via campus mail. You can also request ILL books delivered to you if you agree to accept the responsibility for any loss that may occur during delivery.

Photocopies will be posted to your HKUST ILLiad account or held for pick-up at the Circulation Counter according to your preference. ILL books are to be collected from the Circulation Counter.

Overseas ILL Requests Paid by Cash or Cheque
These materials are to be collected at the DSS Office. Users who have difficulty collecting ILL materials during office hours can contact DSS at 2358-6754 or '' to make special arrangement.

Renewals, Returns and Overdue Fines

ILL books are checked in and out via the Library Circulation System. Users should return the books on or before the due date to the Circulation Counter or overdue fines will be incurred. All loans are subject to recall by the lending library.

Renewal request should be made to DSS through HKUST ILLiad no more than 5 days and no less than 1 day before the due date. Users who wish to renew a book on the due date may contact DSS by phone at 2358-6754. Overseas loans are non-renewable.

Turnaround Time

The average turnaround time is about 5 days. Articles are usually supplied to us in 2 to 3 working days; overseas loans may take a few weeks to arrive.

Rush service is available except for books borrowed from overseas libraries. Please specify the date before which the item is needed in the request.

last modified 24 November 2015
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