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ResearchGate announces new cooperation with 3 publishers regarding legal sharing of academic journal articles

19 April 2018

In a cooperation agreement, Springer Nature, Cambridge University Press, Thieme and ResearchGate will work together on the sharing of articles on the scholarly collaboration platform in a way that protects the rights of authors and publishers. As part of the agreement:

    • ResearchGate and publishers will cooperate in educating users about their rights in relation to copyright-protected content by providing users with more and better information about how and when they may share their journal articles on the network
    • ResearchGate will continue to promptly remove copyright-infringing content when alerted by publishers
    • Publishers will get better visibility into the usage of new content on the platform that was originally published in their journals

Scopus announces tool enabling users to review their Scopus Author Profile and submit corrections

04 April 2018

Scopus Author Profile (automatically created by Scopus) showcases various indicators including number of citations, publication history and h-index. These metrics may be used for tenure, funding and for other research performance based decisions; therefore, it is important to ensure the profile reflects user’s information correctly. Despite the sophistication of the algorithmic profiling used by Scopus, algorithms cannot always match all documents to a single profile with 100% accuracy. That is why the Scopus Author Feedback Wizard allows the users to review Scopus profiles and submit feedback.

U.S. Congress has included funding for a $5 million open textbook grant program in the Fiscal Year 2018 omnibus appropriations bill

21 March 2018

The Fiscal Year 2018 omnibus spending bill unveiled today creates a $5 million pilot grant program to expand the creation and use of open textbooks, marking the first time Congress has invested directly in open educational resources (OER) as a college affordability measure. Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) along with hundreds of students, librarians, and other advocates wrote, called and tweeted Congress in support of this appropriation. The FY18 omnibus is expected to proceed quickly to votes in the House and Senate, ahead of the deadline to fund the government by midnight Friday.

National Institutes of Health (NIH) is soliciting input for the Strategic Plan for Data Science

08 March 2018

The NIH is publishing Request for Information (RFI) to invite comments and suggestions on the first National Institutes of Health (NIH) Strategic Plan for Data Science. It is to solicit input on topics under consideration for the strategic plan from its stakeholders, including members of the scientific community, academic institutions, the private sector, health professionals, professional societies, advocacy groups, patient communities, as well as other interested members of the public. This Strategic Plan describes NIH’s overarching goals, strategic objectives, and implementation tactics for promoting the modernization of the NIH-funded biomedical data science ecosystem. The complete draft plan is available at: To ensure consideration, the responses must be submitted by April 2, 2018.

ScienceOpen integrates more Open Access data

27 February 2018

ScienceOpen works with the Unpaywall data from Impactstory to provide more information about open access licenses and access options for our users. This powerful dataset is being used by several discovery engines to enrich the search experience. In addition, since the publisher’s version of record is a reader’s most reliable source, their latest release of search interface highlight that version on the article page with a green “Publisher” button for better orientation.

The OA Interviews: Ashley Farley of the Gates foundation

14 February 2018

The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation (aka the Gates foundation) is a private foundation launched in 2000 by Bill and Melinda Gates. In 2014 it announced the most radical OA policy to date. The policy is striking both in its requirement that all research funded by the Gates foundation must be made freely available immediately on publication, and in its insistence that all funded papers must be published with a CC BY licence attached. At the time, Nature described it as the world’s strongest open access policy. in February 2017 the Gates foundation signed a year-long deal with the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the world’s largest general scientific society, to allow Gates-funded researchers to publish their papers open access in the highly-prestigious journal Science (along with four sister AAAS journals) without having to pay an article-processing charge. A month later (March 2017), the Gates foundation announced that it was partnering with F1000Research to allow funded researchers to publish their papers on its own online publication platform Gates Open Research.

Love Data Week 2018 – Data stories

12 February 2018

Love Data Week is a social media event coordinated by research data specialists, mostly working in academic and research libraries or data archives or centers. Research data is the foundation of the scholarly record and crucial for advancing our knowledge of the world around us. If you care about research data, please join the events.

TU Delft has published the data and results of its data management survey

07 February 2018

Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) just publishes the result of its “Quantitative assessment of research data management practice 2017″. This survey has been set up in cooperation with EPFL and Cambridge University. Their goal is to cross-compare the results between the different institutions to see if they could learn from each other’s approach. The visualisation of the survey can be found at The anonymised data is in the public domain via

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