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ScienceOpen integrates more Open Access data

27 February 2018

ScienceOpen works with the Unpaywall data from Impactstory to provide more information about open access licenses and access options for our users. This powerful dataset is being used by several discovery engines to enrich the search experience. In addition, since the publisher’s version of record is a reader’s most reliable source, their latest release of search interface highlight that version on the article page with a green “Publisher” button for better orientation.

The OA Interviews: Ashley Farley of the Gates foundation

14 February 2018

The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation (aka the Gates foundation) is a private foundation launched in 2000 by Bill and Melinda Gates. In 2014 it announced the most radical OA policy to date. The policy is striking both in its requirement that all research funded by the Gates foundation must be made freely available immediately on publication, and in its insistence that all funded papers must be published with a CC BY licence attached. At the time, Nature described it as the world’s strongest open access policy. in February 2017 the Gates foundation signed a year-long deal with the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the world’s largest general scientific society, to allow Gates-funded researchers to publish their papers open access in the highly-prestigious journal Science (along with four sister AAAS journals) without having to pay an article-processing charge. A month later (March 2017), the Gates foundation announced that it was partnering with F1000Research to allow funded researchers to publish their papers on its own online publication platform Gates Open Research.

Love Data Week 2018 – Data stories

12 February 2018

Love Data Week is a social media event coordinated by research data specialists, mostly working in academic and research libraries or data archives or centers. Research data is the foundation of the scholarly record and crucial for advancing our knowledge of the world around us. If you care about research data, please join the events.

TU Delft has published the data and results of its data management survey

07 February 2018

Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) just publishes the result of its “Quantitative assessment of research data management practice 2017″. This survey has been set up in cooperation with EPFL and Cambridge University. Their goal is to cross-compare the results between the different institutions to see if they could learn from each other’s approach. The visualisation of the survey can be found at The anonymised data is in the public domain via

Academic publisher has launched free e-learning platform for guiding the researchers throughout the whole research cycle

24 January 2018

Elsevier relaunched its free e-learning platform, formerly Publishing Campus, as Researcher Academy. The e-learning modules take the researchers through the different phases of the research cycle – from the beginnings of research preparation, through the publishing process, all the way to demonstrating impact. These resources were created to help bridge the gap between academic achievement and professional success – and there is good reason for early and even mid-career researchers to seek online training in research-related skills.

Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives European Infrastructure Consortium (CESSDA ERIC) has launched an online expert tour guide on Data Management

14 December 2017

This tour guide aims to put social scientists at the heart of making their research data findable, understandable, sustainably accessible and reusable. The user will be guided by European experts who are – on a daily basis – busy ensuring long-term access to valuable social science datasets, available for discovery and reuse at one of the 17 CESSDA social science data archives. With this guide and the training events being held across Europe, CESSDA ERIC wants to accompany and inspire the user through the research data life cycle.

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has released a report on Business models for sustainable research data repositories

06 December 2017

There is a large variety of repositories that are responsible for providing long term access to data that is used for research. As data volumes and the demands for more open access to this data increase, these repositories are coming under increasing financial pressures that can undermine their long-term sustainability. This report explores the income streams, costs, value propositions, and business models for 48 research data repositories. It includes a set of recommendations designed to provide a framework for developing sustainable business models and to assist policy makers and funders in supporting repositories with a balance of policy regulation and incentives.

American Chemical Society (ACS) prevails over Sci-Hub in copyright suit

07 November 2017

Internet pirate site is ordered to stop distributing the society’s content—but will likely continue its ways. The American Chemical Society won its lawsuit against the internet pirate site Sci-Hub for illegally distributing its copyrighted content. Federal Judge Leonie M. Brinkema on Nov. 3 ordered Sci-Hub to stop distributing ACS content and imitating the society’s trademark. She also ruled that internet service providers, such as search engines, domain name registries, or web hosting services, stop distributing ACS content on Sci-Hub’s site. ACS was awarded $4.8 million in damages.

National Institutes of Health (NIH) encourages authors to publish papers in reputable journals

03 November 2017

NIH recently post a statement on the article publication resulting from NIH Funded Research. It stated that to protect the credibility of published research, authors are encouraged to publish papers in reputable journals. The NIH has noted an increase in the numbers of papers reported as products of NIH funding which are published in journals or by publishers that do not follow best practices promoted by professional scholarly publishing organizations. These journals and publishers typically can be identified by several attributes.

Publishers and societies take action against ResearchGate’s copyright infringements

05 October 2017

Following unsuccessful attempts to jointly find ways for scholarly collaboration network ResearchGate to run its service in a copyright-compliant way, a coalition of information analytics businesses, publishers and societies is now left with no other choice but to take formal steps to remedy the illicit hosting of millions of subscription articles on the ResearchGate site.

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