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Research Data Management (RDM) Service Kit

This service kit will help you plan & create, organize & manage, access & share your research data during and after a project.

1. Data Creation and Deposit

At this stage of a research project, plan how you’ll manage the data (dealing with publishers’ data policies, best practices, etc.)

2. Managing Active Data

The next stage may be to find a secure place to manage and share the data within your team.

DataSpace@HKUST can provide faculty a secure and private data workspace. You can easily invite a 3rd-party (non-HKUST) person to join you here.

Need data storage?

3. Data Repositories & Archives

DataSpace@HKUST  is not just a workspace. If you choose to publish your data it acts as a data repository. Then, with a persistent DOI link, other researchers can easily see and re-use your research data.

4. Data Catalogues & Registries

Data Citation is the practice of providing a reference to your datasets. It can enhance your research impact and get recognized by the research community.

To distinguish your scholarly activities from those of others with similar names, create and maintaining your unique and persistent researcher i.d.

At HKUST, all researchers use ORCID iD.

Attach it to all your articles, citations, datasets, research projects,& patents.

  • It will establish clear ownership of your scholarly output,
  • It will make your work more discoverable.
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last modified 21 September 2017