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Data Citation

Building a Culture of Data Citation. (n.d.) ANDS Guides and Other Resources. Retrieved March 14, 2014. From

Citing data brings the same benefits as citing articles and books. It…

  • Helps data creators and users find, access, verify and reuse data.
  • Allows data impact to be tracked and it gives proper recognition to data producers.

The conventions for citing data are not as established as citing papers. However, some journals, data repositories and organizations have more specific guidance on data citation.

How To Cite

DataCite, an international consortium which aims to improve data citation, suggests the basic format of data citation should include:

Creator (PublicationYear): Title. Publisher. Identifier

DataCite also suggests two optional properties, Version and ResourceType be included as appropriate:

Creator (PublicationYear): Title. Version. Publisher. ResourceType. Identifier

DataCite recommends DOI name as the linkable, permanent URLs.

Examples given by DataCite:

Citing DataSpace@HKUST

For datasets published in DataSpace@HKUST, the system provide citation in this format:

Creator, PublicationYear, “Title”, Identifier, Publisher, Version, [Universal Numerical Fingerprint]

For example:

Users can also download citation to EndNote XML or RIS Format.

Guides To Data Citation

The examples above are only some suggested citation styles. Learn more about data citation here:

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last modified 02 February 2018