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LIBRARY SciTech ALERT: A Semi-monthly Service for Undergraduates
no. 35 (20 October 2004)


1. Dahm, Ralf. "Dying to see,"
   Scientific American v.291, no.4 (Oct. 2004): p.82-89.

   Studies of the lens of the eye not only could reveal ways to prevent
   cataracts but also might illuminate the biology of Alzheimer's,
   Parkinson's and other diseases in which cells commit suicide.

   Scientific American (Periodical T1 .S5)

2. "Features - Secrets of the Face"
   New Scientist v.184, no.2467 (2 Oct. 2004): centre page p.1-12.

   We can create totally digital faces that belong to electronic beings or
   resurrected dead actors. This collection of six articles investigates
   how this new-found ability to imitate life and improve on it is changing
   our world. You may never take anything at face value again.

   New Scientist (Periodical Q1 .N52) is also available electronically at


Science and soccer / edited by Thomas Reilly and A. Mark Williams
(GV943. S36 2003)

   This book analyzes the science behind the world's most popular sport,
   and gives guidance on how science translates into performance. It
   examines key facets of the game like player's biomechanics, coaching
   & training methods, match analysis techniques, growth & development
   in youth players and talent identification.

New books in the Library: <>


1. Learning languages 'boosts brain' - Learning a second language "boosts"
   brain power, scientists believe.
   BBC News, 13 October 2004

2. Mobile phone risk revealed - Long-term phone use doubles occurrence of
   rare tumour., 14 October 2004


Tornado: View of tornado at Union City, Oklahoma on 24 May 1973.

   Tornado is the most destructive of all storm-scale atmospheric
   phenomena. Its vortex, typically a few hundred meters in diameter,
   usually rotates cyclonically with wind speeds from 40 mph to 300 mph.
   Tornadoes are most frequent in the United States, averaging to around
   700 each year, with the majority of them on the central plains and in
   the southeastern states.

   The picture is found in NOAA Photo Library:

   More information about tornadoes:

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