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HKUST Library Pinyin Conversion Project

In January 2000 the HKUST Library embarked on the project of converting Chinese cataloging records from Wade-Giles romanization to Pinyin. Elaborate plans were made and a number of computer programs were developed in-house to automate the conversion process as much as possible. Now the entire conversion project is successfully completed. Here are the details about our Project and the list of programs that we offer for public download.

HKUST Library Conversion Project
Background and Project Plan
Phase I: Conversion of Bibliographic Records
Phase II: Conversion of Personal Name Headings in Bibliographic Records
Phase III: Conversion of Authority Records
Program documentation
Copyright and License
Download [2.0 MB, requires Windows 95/98/NT/2000] Note: This software is no longer available

last revised 23 January 2001
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