Issue No. 65 September 2007

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New Developments in Open Access
HKUST E-Thesis Submission Policy
Library Classes
Our Web: RSS Feeds Expansion
New Server for the Catalog
Facilities Enhancements
Collection Spotlight: Expanded Business Collection
Information Commons Survey Results
Noteworthy Research Materials Donation
A Journey to Excellence - Archives Exhibition
Information Literacy Training for Teachers of Liberal Studies

New Developments in Open Access

For the past several years the Open Access movement has worked to achieve greater public access to scholarly research.

Mandated open access is a developing strategy. At a conference in Hong Kong in May 2007, Robert Kiley, Head of E-Strategy at the Wellcome Trust of the UK (which funds almost $US 1 billion of bio-medical research annually) described how the Trust now requires all articles written from research funded by Wellcome to be freely accessible within 6 months of publication. Governments across the world (Australia, Canada, Ukraine, the UK and the USA, as well as the European Union) are beginning to adopt similar mandates for government-funded research.

These repositories of freely accessible research results enhance knowledge sharing around the world. Using online repositories can also lead to new ways to evaluate how research is used, and to greater accountability and transparency in research funding.

As the development of the printing press in Europe in the 15th century helped to spread learning and spurred creativity and innovation, so the development of open access research may herald a renaissance in global scholarly communication.

HKUST E-Thesis Submission Policy

In support of the global trend for efficient online access, the University Senate has revised its policy requiring the submission of electronic theses effective July 1st. Students are now required to submit an electronic copy of their thesis to the University Library at the same time as their final thesis copies.

To facilitate the writing and submission of theses, the Library has a support system in place for students:

Library Classes

Each year the Library offers over 200 instruction sessions for students and staff to help them become acquainted with pertinent information sources in their disciplines, use the tools effectively, and refine their information literacy skills. The Library instruction program consists of:

Orientation classes and tours - New UG and PG Students during the Fall semester to introduce new students to advanced library catalog searching, e-resources available and major library services and facilities. Orientation programs assist students in making a smooth transition to a new learning environment, and hence facilitate their success in study and research.

GNED 008 Eureka! Information Skills for Life Long Learning - A credit-bearing general education course for all UGs which takes a problem-solving approach to introduce key information sources in different subject areas. General searching principles as well as subject-specific research techniques are taught to help students develop life-long learning skills.

An interactive online Information Literacy Tutorial (ILT) for all students to learn to identify what information they need, locate what they want, evaluate what they find and cite what they use.

Open Workshops and Course or Subject Specific Classes are organized year-round covering a variety of databases and subjects. Faculty members are welcome to request tailor-made library sessions for their courses. Want to find out what classes are currently on offer? Watch for our email or log in to the Library Class Registration Online for details.

OUR WEB: RSS Feeds Expansion

During the past year, the Library has been working to bring you more options for finding new information about our collections and services. One way of doing this is to provide more RSS feeds for you to ubscribe?to. Details of the RSS feeds available from the Library can be found at

The earliest feeds were for notifications of new books and media items in the Library collections. Feeds were then added to alert users to new databases available, and new highly relevant and quality internet resources selected by the Library.

In addition to collection information, there are several other feeds available, including one for announcing new articles in the Library newsletter - like the one you are now reading.

With the implementation of a Library Blog (, RSS feeds are also available for announcements of Library Classes, Library News, and one for new issues of the Library's Reader Alerts service.

More recently, an RSS feed was added to your account in the Library Catalog. So in addition to e-mail, you can subscribe to your feed to see if a requested item is ready for pickup or if you have some books due back tomorrow - or especially if you are about to be charged a fine! Just log in to your account at and select "My Account's RSS Feeds".

The Library has also acquired Feedbuilder - an exciting new capability for customized RSS feeds from the Library Catalog. A couple months ago, a professor asked us how he could find out what materials had already been ordered for Media Resources, but had not yet been received. Since they were not here yet, they did not appear in the "New Media Materials" RSS feed. So we created a new "Media Items On Order" RSS feed to meet his information need.

If you have a need for a similar alert service for certain types or categories of library materials, please contact us at - perhaps we can create an RSS feed for you as well!

New Server for the Catalog

The Library Catalog has been upgraded with new hardware. The new Sun Fire server is much faster than the 5-year-old machine it replaces. It also has a lot more RAM, which should help make it more responsive - especially for complex search queries. The improvement will be most noticeable for Library staff processing, but we think you will also notice a speed increase. If you have any problems with the Catalog, please let us know at

Facilities Enhancements

New Media Shelving - To accommodate the next five years'growth, especially for videos, much of the Media Resources shelving was replaced with double-depth sliding semi-compact shelving. Facing the shelves, the front row can slide sideways to reveal more videos in a back row of shelving.

Theses Collection Moved to 1/F - As Open Reserves was no longer needed, the HKUST Theses Collection moved from LG1 to 1/F, providing a nice area for housing and using the theses, with room for additional shelving to handle future growth.

Periodicals Consolidated on LG1 - The older shelving from Media Resources was moved to LG3 and to the periodicals area of LG1. One benefit of this, and of the relocation of the Theses Collection, has been the ability to consolidate the entire bound and current Periodical Collection to LG1. You no longer have to go back and forth between LG1 and LG4 to access different journals.

Four New Group Study Rooms - Four new group study rooms are available for booking and use. Two were converted from other uses, including a room freed up by the removal of the older copiers. The others were created in less-used spaces on 1/F and LG3. To see the full range of bookable rooms and spaces, visit

Bookable Collaboration Space in G/F IC - The larger Collaboration Space in the Information Commons' Collaboration Room can now be reserved at

More Power Outlets Along Walls - The Library is currently working with EMO to double the number of power outlets along the Library's curved walls. These should be in place some time during the Fall semester. Other options for adding outlets are also being explored.

New Drinking Fountain on 1/F - A new drinking fountain has been installed in the 1/F lift lobby. You no longer need to go downstairs for water after regular office hours.

Headphone Adapters in IC - Headphone Y-adapters have been added to all PCs in the Information Commons. This makes it easier to use your own headphones in the Information Commons.

All Copiers Now Take Octopus Cards - All photocopiers in the Library now accept Octopus cards, and the older equipment has been removed.

2nd Networked Color Printer on G/F - Lastly, a second networked color laser printer has been installed on G/F. And you can print to these machines from every public computer in the Library!

Collection Spotlight: Expanded Business Collection

Business research covers a wide range of disciplines. Over the past two years, the Library has been strengthening its business collection to support the needs of our faculty, staff and students.

SDC Platinum

Through a joint effort with the Department of Finance, the Library now provides access to SDC Platinum, a well-known financial database for information on M&A transactions, news, syndicated loans, project finance, and much more. Three subsets of the SDC database - Merger & Acquisition, Global New Issue Database and VentureXpert - are available.

M&A provides in-depth information for transactions including merger and acquisition, stake purchases, REIT acquisition, asset sales and divestitures, leveraged buyouts (LBOs), tender offers, privatizations, spinoffs and split-offs, etc.

Global New Issues covers a substantial amount of new issue information for common stock, non-convertible and convertible debt, preferred stocks, mortgage and asset-backed debt and more.

VentureXpert offers comprehensive information on venture funds, private equity firms, executives, venture-backed companies and limited partners. Data covers worldwide funds from 1969 to present.

Reuters 3000 Xtra and Reuters Knowledge for Investment Banking

With the introduction of Reuters 3000Xtra and Reuters Knowledge for Investment Banking (RKIB) last year, faculty and students have seamless access to global financial information and news 24/7.

Reuters 3000Xtra not only covers indispensable financial information on equity, fixed-income, currency and economic data, it also provides built-in models such as Bond Analysis and FRN Analysis.

Both databases provide detailed company fundamentals, news, financial ratios, estimates, etc. RKIB also taps into industry information which helps you get a better understanding of the global market.

E-Book Collections

The Library's subscription to Books 24X7 and Safari Books Online now include substantial business content. 7,000 new books in business finance and other subjects were added to Books 24X7 while over 200 business titles are now available on Safari Books Online. Subjects include accounting & finance, human resources, management & leadership, marketing & sales, amongst others.

Information Commons Survey Results

In April, the Library conducted an online user satisfaction survey to evaluate the services and facilities of the Information Commons (IC). Over 370 users responded, with 20 winning the lucky draw for USB flash drives. The result is useful for understanding IC users' behavior and needs; it also helps identify the strengths and weaknesses of the service.

Overall, most users like the IC because the environment is pleasant, the selection of software is rich, it is close to the Reference Collection and other Library resources, and assistance from the IC Officers and Reference Librarians is readily available.

On the other hand, some users commented that the IC can sometimes get too crowded, and it is difficult to find a vacant station. Such feedback and other suggestions collected have been, and will continue to be, taken into our consideration for enhancements to the services and facilities of the IC.

The Library acted promptly after reviewing the suggestions from the survey respondents:

To more clearly indicate the facilities and resources available at the IC, we will produce a service pamphlet that you can pick up at the IC Help Desk. The IC home page was also enriched and improved. Visit us at

Noteworthy Research Materials Donation

The Library recently received the donation of a large set of books, Da Zang Xin Zuan Wan Xu Zang Jing or 大藏新纂卍續藏經 (BQ1210 1990), from Professor Kim-chong Chong of Humanities and his wife, Dr. Kathy Ku Cheng-mei. An important supplement to the published Tripitaka writings of early schools of Buddhism, this 90-volume set includes a remarkable collection of other Buddhist canon of scriptures. We greatly appreciate donations of book sets that are of research value to the University community, especially if the purchase of these materials is financially prohibitive for the Library.

A Journey to Excellence - Archives Exhibition

The May 14 Opening Ceremony of the University Archives Exhibition, officiated by Professor Roland Chin, Acting President and Mr. Ian MacPherson, Founding Vice President (Administration & Business) attracted over 200 faculty, staff, students and founding members of the University. Mr. Macpherson fondly recounted the startup of the University with three people in a small office in Admiralty and the process of selecting the Clear Water Bay site among three others that were offered by the Hong Kong Government. Professor Chin warmly paid tributes to the founders and shared with the audience views on the future of the University.

A large number of founding members were present at this memorable event: Catherine Lai and her staff not only helped to verify the accuracy of figures on the exhibition panels, but also arrived early to help greet those founders who had already left the University. Professor Nelson Cue carefully read the description of his product from the display panels, Professor Yuk Shan Wong, Priscilla Chung and Professor Peter Dobson recognized their pictures in the October 10, 1991 newspapers that featured the official opening of the University. Min-min Chang, Founding Director of the Library, admired the display of the postcards and booklets of the Library exhibitions. Mike Hudson came with his beautiful daughter, Kate, the one Lady Thatcher held in her arms during her 1991 visit, to reminisce this remarkable long journey together.

Photo of Archives Exhibition Photo of Archives Exhibition Opening

The Library is truly grateful for the tremendous support provided by various individuals, departments and offices in mounting this exhibition. It was also delightful to see the touching expression on so many people's faces at the opening ceremony. We hope the community spirit among the University departments and offices manifested during this exercise will lead to further collaboration on many momentous university projects in the years to come. Visit for a preview and come to the Library gallery to view the exhibition. Let's cherish the growth and accomplishments of our University together!

Information Literacy Training for Teachers of Liberal Studies

Since the Summer of 2006, the Library has teamed up with the School of Humanities and Social Science in offering enhancement training to school teachers enrolled in the MA in Liberal Studies program. MAILS emphasizes subject knowledge in various disciplines, critical thinking as well as the practical skills required for independent information research.

Like everyone else, teachers are frequent Web surfers, but they often overlook other valuable resources provided by libraries. Plugging in keywords in the Google search box has become a habitual phenomenon. Versatile information seekers need to master more skills than this.

To fill these gaps, last July the Library introduced a wide range of information literacy skills to over 110 teachers in the program's intensive summer course, Practical Methods in Liberal Studies. The two half-day lectures covered major information access tools such as library catalogs, periodical databases and Web search engines; the dos and don'ts for effective searching; and the evaluation and ethical use of information.

The idea is to train the teachers so that they can pass on what they learn to their students. All highlighted resources are either quality open access websites or available via local public libraries.

Information literacy, libraries and liberal studies do intersect.

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