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HKUST E-Journal Database

The E-Journal Database is a sub-set of the Library Catalog. All electronic journals included in the Catalog can be found here; that covers:

  • titles the Library subscribes to via publishers, and are accessible via the Internet
  • titles accessible via aggregator databases such as ProQuest, EBSCOhost and LexisNexis
  • a small number of high quality titles that are available on the Internet for free

For various reasons, titles from certain databases are not included; examples are China InfoBank and WiseNews.

The E-Journal Database contains records and access paths of journals. If you are looking for articles of particular topics, use indexing databases of the appropriate subjects.

Find a Journal

Use the "Browse Lists" or search by keywords in Title, Subject, Publisher, Call Number or URL.


  • "macromolecular rapid communications" finds the journal "Macromolecular rapid communications"
  • time and series finds records containing "time" and "series"
  • nanostructure or nanotechnology finds occurrences of either term
  • springer finds journals published by Springer Verlag
  • computer* finds occurrences of "computer", "computers", "computerize", etc.
  • computer automatically represents related terms such as "computing" and "computers"
  • qa* finds all journals with call numbers starting with QA. This is a good way to retrieve a list of titles in a broad subject area. Check the Classification Outline for call number ranges of different subjects.

Advanced Search

For specific keyword combinations, use the search form under "Advanced Search". This example finds journals published by Elsevier in nanotechnology:

E-J Advanced Search

Search by ISSN or Other Criteria

If you want to find journals by ISSNs or other keyword options, use the Library Catalog to perform the search, then click "Modify Search", choose "E-Journals" at the "Location" drop-down menu.

If you encounter problems, contact for assistance.

last modified 06 December 2014
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