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Mendeley Access Instructions

The HKUST Library institutional subscription to Mendeley requires you to create an account using your HKUST Email Address as the login, but please choose a different password!

If you already have a Mendeley login ending in Connect Now and click on the green "Join this group" link to upgrade your account.

If you need to create a Mendeley account:

  1. Connect to
  2. Click on "Create a free account" or "Join this group"
  3. Enter your university email address, such as "". This address MUST end with "" to use our campus subscription.
  4. Enter what you wish for your "First" and "Last" Names
  5. Choose a password for this account - DO NOT USE YOUR ITSC PASSWORD!!!
  6. Use the verification link in the message the vendor sends to your email address.
Mendeley entry screen

If you encounter other access problems, please contact for assistance.

last revised 20 April 2017