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The Learning Commons will remain open 24 hours a day on Chung Yeung Day (Sun) and the public holiday (Monday).  Remember to use your HKUST card to enter when the Library is closed.

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The Learning Commons keep opening 24 hours during the National Day Holiday.

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The Hong Kong Observatory announced that the Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal Number 8 is expected to be issued at or before 7 p.m. today (22 Sep 2013).  Library and the Learning Commons will close at 6pm.

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Starting Week 2, you will find tutorials of various programs offered at the Learning Commons.  Math Support Center will be held in Tutorial Spaces and Classroom A; CSE Language Commons is being conducted in Tutorial Spaces.

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From today on, the Learning Commons opens 24 hours a day without break until the end of the semester.   Don’t forget to use your HKUST card to enter the space after Library closes.

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In this last week of summer break, Learning Commons stays open until 11pm.  After Library closes at 7pm or 5pm, please use your HKUST card to enter Learning Commons at the LG1 entrance.  As the semester starts next week (Sept 2), Learning Commons will open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

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You are invited to join our team.  See our page for details

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You will find one more paper towel dispenser in the men’s and lady’s washroom on LG1.  This is one of the follow up actions after Library received your suggestions through the focus groups and survey.  Please be reminded:

* do not waste paper towel

* dispose of used paper properly


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Psychological Assessment Station 2013

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The Learning Commons Student Survey collected 886 replies, including online and paper submission.   The Library will look at your feedback carefully, and identify actions for making the space more friendly and supportive for everyone.

Thirty lucky students who won the $50 supermarket coupons have been notified by emails.  We thank you all for your participation.

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During the mid-term break, Learning Commons will stay open through public holidays, and will close at 11pm.  For details, see this Library blog post:

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If you have borrowed whiteboard markers from the Information Commons or Learning Commons in the past couple of days, you may have noticed that they looked different from before.  These are refillable ones!  When a marker drys up, we can refill and reuse the marker a few more times.

Although the cost of the refillable ones is about the same as the traditional one, we hope that the switch can help us reduce waste.  We also urge all students to make good use of them.

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