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You are cordially invited to the following events in conjunction with the exhibition titled “Chinese Wartime Science Through the Lens of Joseph Needham” jointly presented by the HKUST Library and East Asian History of Science Foundation Hong Kong (EAHSF HK):

Opening Ceremony
Date: 30 March 2017
Time: 12:00 – 12:30 pm
Venue: Hong Kong Chiu Chow Chamber of Commerce Ko Pui Shuen Gallery, 1/F, Library

The Ceremony will be officiated by the President, Prof Tony F Chan.


Talk on “Joseph Needham and the “Science and Civilization in China”: An East-West Journey of Destiny”

Presenter: Dr Peter Lee, Chairman of EAHSF HK

Date: 30 March 2017

Time: 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Venue: Multi-function Room, LG4, Library

Registration: Library Event Registration

(Refreshments will be served)


About the Exhibition and the Talk (

The late Dr Joseph Needham (1900 – 1995) was a prominent biochemist who dedicated most of his life to the history of science and technology in China. He is well known for his great work, the 26 volumes “Science and Civilization in China” series. The exhibition will feature 11 banners with photos documenting Needham’s first encounter with wartime China and its Free Universities in the Southwest.

The Talk by Dr Peter Lee will focus on Dr Joseph Needham, who befriended 3 young graduate students from China pursuing their Ph.D. in the same laboratory. During many enlightening cross-cultural discussions, Lu Gwei-Djen, daughter of a famous Nanjing herbalist, constantly challenged Needham to know more about the contributions of the ancient Chinese science, technology and medicine to the modern world. This was the beginning of Joseph Needham’s curiosity about China that eventually transformed his young scientific career into the most influential Western historian of Chinese Science and civilization.

Dr Peter Lee received his PhD in chemistry from Michigan State University, did postdoctoral research at New York University, and studied with Dr Joseph Needham at Cambridge University. He has had a longstanding association with EAHSF HK and currently serves as its Chairman. Throughout his academic, corporate, and nonprofit leadership involvement, Dr Lee has worked tirelessly to build bridges of understanding between China and the West.

For questions, please contact Ms Alice Ho (2358-6707).

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