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1. Escobedo, Joe. “This is how new balance used Jay Chou and WeChat to launch its new product in 5 easy steps,” (13 February 2017)

You’ve only got a few weeks to launch your biggest product of the year. What do you do? Read on to discover New Balance China’s five-step process to successfully launch their new product, the New Balance 997.5.

2. Gimbel, Tom. “Why your younger employees hate performance reviews,” (13 February 2017)

Where a lot of companies fail is trying to offer millennials success, but without speaking their language. For other generations, it was often about how much money you made and what your title was. For a lot of millennials, those things matter less than the company mission, feeling challenged, and making a difference in the organization. As employers, we have to ask them what their passions are, what they’re good at, and how can we find a role that’s a great fit for both sides.


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The choice 2016 / a Frontline production with Kirk Documentary Group

This documentary goes behind the headlines to investigate what has shaped Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, where they came from, how they lead, and why they want to take on one of the most difficult jobs imaginable. This two-hour interwoven investigative biography draws on dozens of interviews from those who know the candidates best, friends and family, advisors and adversaries, as well as authors, journalists, and political insiders.



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The Legend of Hong Kong Toys

Hong Kong was once the world’s largest toy exporter. By showcasing around 2,000 (sets of) toys familiar to Hong Kong people or made locally, the exhibition explores the evolution of toys in the past century and the way shrewd industrialists transformed Hong Kong into a toy kingdom.

The exhibition also examines how the entertainment industry in the forms of animation, comics, cinema and television influences trends and production of toys, and the role in which Hong Kong partook.

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