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1. Rhett Allain “Physics says this is the best way to deal with hot coffee,”
Wired (8 November 2016)

Which is the best way to cool down your coffee? A physicist sets up an experiment with three cups of hot coffee: one without a lid, one with a lid, and one with a lid that he is going to blow on the opening. Find out the answer here.

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2. Amanda Macmillan “How sunlight affects your mental health,”
Time (7 November 2016)

Recent research shows that our emotions are highly affected by the amount of sunlight during the day instead of other weather variables such as temperature, storm, smog and rain. The study also shows that our distress level on rainy days will remain stable if we are able to soak up enough sunlight.

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Book cover

In praise of simple physics : the science and mathematics behind everyday questions / Paul J. Nahin

This book presents in a clear, funny and humorous way a plethora of situations that explore the science and math behind the wonders of everyday life.



The World of Tim Burton Hong Kong

Tim Burton is one of the most talented Hollywood filmmakers best known for his dark style. This exhibition displays his personal and project artwork created in the past 40 years. You will see drawings, paintings, sketches, film concepts, storyboard and short films with Tim Burton’s signature creepy faces, monsters and freaks.

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