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1. Nathaniel, S. “Riding roller coasters can help dislodge kidney stones,”
Discover Magazine. (September 26, 2016)

A new study suggests that riding roller coasters can shake kidney stones loose before they become a problem that requires medical attention. Here is the success story of a lucky patient who passed not one but three stones after a single ride on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad coaster.

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2. Alex, D. “Here’s what it’s like to ride in Uber’s self-driving car,”
Wired. (September 16, 2016)

A screen the size of an iPad, mounted between the front seats, facing the passengers in back, is the signature element of Uber’s latest fleet of autonomous cars in downtown Pittsburgh. Sit back, relaxed and let the driverless Uber takes you to your destination.

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Book cover

Women talk more than men / Abby Kaplan

Do women talk more than men? Does text messaging make you stupid? This fascinating book addresses a wide range of language myths, focusing on important big-picture issues such as the rule-governed nature of language or the influence of social factors on how we speak.



The first Cold War world’s fair closes

58 years ago, in Brussels, Belgium, the first world’s fair held since before World War II closed its doors. Officially called the Brussels Universal and International Exhibition, the fair’s overall theme was “A World View, A New Humanism”. The fair was supposed to celebrate the universality of the human condition and encourage dialogue and peaceful relations among the nations of a world only recently torn asunder by war, and now caught in the clutches of the Cold War.


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