17 May 2016

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1. Davies, Alex. “The age of the Hyperloop has arrived. Well, for the most part,”
Wired (12 May 2016)

Hyperloop, the supersonic transport system proposed by tech billionaire Elon Musk, has carried out its first public track run of the prototype propulsion system on May 11, 2016.

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2. “Five Pacific islands disappear as sea levels rise,”
BBC News (10 May 2016)

Climate change poses a major threat to the whole planet, but there are certain geographical areas which are more exposed to the dangers of global warming. Some countries and islands like “Solomon Archipelago” are now at risk of disappearing due to climate change

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Warne, Kennedy. “Will Pacific Island Nations Disappear as Seas Rise? Maybe Not,” National Geographic, (February 2015).


Book cover

The ethics of killing animals / Tatjana Višak and Robert Garner

While it is generally accepted that animal welfare matters morally, it is less clear how to morally evaluate the ending of an animal’s life. It seems to matter for the animal whether it experiences pain or pleasure, or enjoyment or suffering. But does it also matter for the animal whether it lives or dies? Is a longer life better for an animal than a shorter life? If so, under what conditions is this so, and why is this the case? This book discusses whether and how answers to these questions are relevant for our moral duties towards animals.



The Museum of the World

This project is a partnership between the British Museum and Google Cultural Institute. It features some of the most fascinating objects from the British Museum’s collection from prehistory to the present using the most advanced WebGL (Web Graphics Library) technology

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