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no. 150 (16 February 2011)


1. Melnick, Meredith “Toddlers’ junk-food diet may lead to lower IQ,”
Time (February 8, 2011).

Our brain develops rapidly during early childhood; a recent research suggests that junk food diet may adversely affect the kids’ brain development and lead to lower IQ.

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2. Allen, Leslie”The big idea: noisy ocean,”
National Geographic (January, 2011).

While oil spills, toxic wastes and dumping of other harmful materials are major sources of ocean pollution, noises made by human also endanger the lives of many marine animals.

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The little book of economics : how the economy works in the real world / Greg Ip ; foreword by Mohamed El-Erian
(HB171 .I69 2010)

What is inflation? How Federal Reserve formulates the monetary policies? How financial crisis can transform recession into depression? In his book, Greg will walk you through these essential ideas behind modern economic theory in an easy to read and non-technical fashion.


Scientists highlight hazards of GM food

Debate over the safety of genetically modified (GM) food has continued for many years. In Feb 1999, a group of international scientists signed a memorandum in support of Dr. Árpád Pusztai who suggested GM food could damage the immune system.

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