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no. 138 (19 May 2010)


Levy, Steven. “Geek power: Steven Levy revisits tech titans, hackers, idealists,”

Wired (April 19, 2010)

The author revisited some of the hackers he wrote about 25 years ago.
Many of them, like Bill Gates, were no longer a hacker and now have become rich and famous after they adapted to the world and turned their inspiring ideas to profit-making industry.

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Book by Steven Levy: Hackers : heroes of the computer revolution

The Euro emergency repairs,”
The Economist (May 13, 2010)

Euro’s zone is at risk. The EU zone’s financial ministers met in Brussels last week and agreed on an extensive rescue scheme for the Euro zone.
The article highlights the rescue plan and examines the effectiveness of these measures.

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Am I making myself clear? : a scientist’s guide to talking to the public / Cornelia Dean
(Q223 .D43 2009)

As a scientist or researcher, no doubt you will be familiar with your research topics and scientific terms. This book gives valuable tips on how to be interviewed by a journalist–for print media, radio and television, and how to convey sophisticated science works to the public.


China National Film Museum, 中国电影博物馆

The museum was founded in 2005 in celebration of 100 years of Chinese cinema. The exhibition halls highlight the birth of the Chinese film industry, its early development and its evolution in new China. You can also find an exhibition hall on films of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

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